CNC Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression System

The automated equipment is designed in such a way that they make our time-consuming and expensive tasks a breeze. The devices can run on their own for hours without requiring human interaction, allowing businesses to increase their productivity. The only issue that these devices may encounter is firing.

Even though these intelligent machines can tackle practically any problem. When it comes to fire, they require the assistance of a CNC fire suppression system. This fire fighting system not only saves expensive machinery but also helps employees working on the factory floor escape fire tragedies.

In applications such as medical, aerospace, marine, and automotive fire safety, an increasing number of CNC machine shops are looking at coolant alternatives such as oil-based coolants to obtain improved precision and tool life. However, because CNC machines have so many moving parts, there is a greater risk of fire.

The CNC fire prevention system may be installed on any CNC machine, including high-precision machines and Swiss machines. CNC fire suppression systems protect your machinery and adjacent equipment from costly fire damage.

Fire Engineering Technology’s CNC-based fire protection systems are developed to fulfill the most stringent and demanding regulations in India and throughout the world. Our automated fire suppression systems are power-independent, ensuring detection and suppression under any circumstance.

How Does a CNC Machine Fire Suppression System Work?

The fire suppression system employs patented fire trace technology, which is fitted around the machine’s cylinder. The system’s tubing is filled with nitrogen, and the pressure of this gas is used to hold the valve closed. If a fire does break out, the pressurized tubing of the fire trace system will rupture. The valve is then destabilized, causing the extinguishers to activate immediately. The market’s automatic fire suppression systems are ideal for CNC machines that use oil-based lubricants.

In some situations, this lubricating oil can overheat and produce a flash fire. In such instances, the fire trace system will flood the affected area with a fire suppression chemical to prevent the fire from spreading.

Why is early detection so important in preventing CNC machine fires?

Early fire detection utilizing a CNC Machine rapid-fire. A fire suppression system can assist identify and extinguish the fire before it spreads outside the machine and grows larger. A fire suppression system is inexpensive in comparison to the damage and destruction that a fire may inflict.

There is no question that investing in a fire suppression system might appear to be a significant financial commitment for most businesses. But when considering the costs of repairs as well as the property and life damage that a fire event can bring. It appears to be a more cost-effective solution.

A CNC machine fire may be devastating to any manufacturing company regular output as well as their profits. Installing a suppression system is a wise decision if businesses wish to avoid substantial damage from fires. If you are not sure about which fire suppression system is best for your machinery, you can always consult with specialists in the area.

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