Characteristics Of 3 Different Materials For Display Packaging Boxes

Today happened something strange. I was working in my office. There was a pile of Display Packaging Supplies lying on the table. Suddenly my hand touched that pile and there it was. Pile was scattered here and there. Then I thought, why should not I write on these boxes. So, here I am. Today you will read this blog about the boxes that sell products fast. Read my following contents and have an idea about some tremendous aspects of product display boxes.

The Key Role Of Dimensions

Dimensions play a key role in the making of display packaging boxes. Now we will gradually see the different types of display packaging supplies.

Mega Display Boxes

These are the biggest display boxes in the town. These boxes come in huge sizes. You can place as many products in them as you want. These boxes can cover a whole computer table. You can have these boxes for chocolates, wafers, biscuits, etc. Once you are making a bigger display product packaging box you should work on its density. As if you are making a bigger box and it is not sturdy enough then it can crumble. Because there is a minimum of three walls covering this box. Less density can affect the hardness of the boxes.  

You always need a perfect sturdier box that can endure the seasonal and environmental effects. Corrugated material is the best for these types of boxes. Because corrugated material is sturdy, it has different plies. And can endure many outward shocks. It does not get torn easily. It is the best material when it comes to pricing. Corrugated material has the minimum price once compared with other stocks. You can die cut it. You can make inserts of the same corrugated material. Many people prefer to have corrugated inserts for their product boxes. They think that only corrugated inserts can hold the product conveniently. They don’t go for other material inserts. Their first choice is always the corrugated material. Even if they make display boxes in other materials, they only choose corrugated inserts.

Corrugated inserts have all the required grip and rigidness that one can ask for. You can place them in any type or size of the box. Once you put the product in them, they perfectly hold it. Sometimes they hold it so tightly that it becomes very difficult to make lose the product. It is indeed a reliable material and reliable box. You can always rely on it. The box made with corrugated material never disappoints you. Corrugated boxes come in two colors, white and brown. Usually, people find solace in having them in brown color. Because brown is their default color. But we at OXO Packaging also make white corrugated display boxes in abundance. If you have to pack a pizza in them then people like white corrugated boxes. Hangers or stands of display boxes made with corrugated materials are also phenomenal. Because these materials have all the durability that you were seeking.

Cardboard Display boxes

These types of boxes are also in the trend. Cardboard has also made its mark in the stock world. The colour of this material is white in its default tone. Many customers only prefer this material. Because it provides digital quality pictures on its surface. This is the quality unknown to brownish Kraft and corrugated materials. Kraft and corrugated materials are both brown which is why they have colour limitations. They cannot print the digital quality pictures on them. It is only cardboard that comes with this feature. Hence it has proved itself as the prime choice for customers all over the globe. And people also prefer it because it is very cost-efficient.

Well, if I talk about affordability then obviously Kraft is the most affordable material for display packaging supplies. Corrugated stands at number two. But again, they both have the problem of providing the true colors of nature. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are the four colors of offset printing. Only cardboard prints these colours in their true spirits. But cardboard is less dense than corrugated stock. It has quite a variety of densities. But it cannot compete with corrugated stock. Many people think that cardboard is always better because you only have to use the display packaging boxes for a minimum period of time. So, why invest on corrugated or Kraft and have the mediocre quality.

They think our products finish very soon on the shelf so we would only prefer cardboard. You can also have card stock inserts in the display boxes. These inserts might not be as sturdy as corrugated inserts but you can use them for lightweight products i.e., lotion bottles, lip balms, lipsticks, etc. Die-cut machines give you the ease to cut as many product holes as you desire. Die-cut machines have made it easy for the customers to get the most attractive display packaging boxes.

Kraft Display Packaging Boxes

When it comes to the abundance of the utilization of the materials then Kraft comes first. Kraft is the king of materials in many aspects. Kraft has become our life. If you go into a departmental store, you would see a plethora of kraft product boxes. Kraft is everywhere. Kraft chocolate boxes, Kraft candy boxes, Kraft nail polish boxes, Kraft socks boxes, Kraft Bubble gum boxes, etc. So, you cannot escape from Kraft material. It has made its mark. When it comes to the Kraft display boxes then we see they are also there. Kraft also comes in high densities. Kraft has managed to win our hearts. The hard Kraft board is the ideal material for you to make the product boxes. Custom Packaging Australia has made a lot of Kraft display boxes.

People praise Kraft for its eco-friendly characteristics. This is made from the wood pulp of the trees. I have seen the people who don’t go for any other material than Kraft. They only want this material for their packaging products. It is also a food grade material. People use Kraft for their many bakery products. You don’t have to worry when you use Kraft for your product packaging. Because it is sturdy enough and you can print anything on it. It only does not print the four colors of offset machines. But you can print many other colours on it. You can consult with the famous Pantone swatch book. This book gives you an idea about different colours. Pick any of your favorite colour from the book. Give its code number to your packaging supplier. Ask him/her to print it. Only one condition will be applied. And that is the brown colour of Kraft. You will have to select the Pantone colour by keeping in mind the brown colour of Kraft. Yes, we cannot change its colour. This is the colour limitation for which I was talking about. The corrugated stock has the same issue. But Kraft has its own charm.

Similarly, you can have small display packaging boxes. You only have to take the exact measurements of your product. Give the dimensions to your packaging company. The company will make the box in the exact size of the product. So, you don’t have to worry. Hope you would have liked the blog(Display Packaging Supplies). See you soon. Bye-bye.  


I’m Jason. After gaining worthy marketing experience, I have been working as a marketing expert for over many years and located in Sydney, Australia. I am a fan of design, writing, and technology. I’m also interested in manufacturing and Packaging.

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