• Best ADHD Treatment option for children

    What Is ADHD? Causes, ADHD Treatment Options

    What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects people of all ages and is commonly referred to as ADHD. The condition has two distinct types. Hyperactive-Impulsive and Inattentive. Those affected are often misdiagnosed with depression or other problems until they’re properly diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD treatments involve medications to behavioral therapy, diet change, and more treatments that are defined in…

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  • Diseases

    Prevent The Spread Of Contagious And Infectious Diseases With Gloves

    Gloves are an extremely important component of personal protective equipment(PPE) in dentistry settings. This is because they function as a barrier to contact transmission(Diseases). Gloves are an optimal barrier to contact transmission for oral health practitioners. Specifically, to those who are working open to infectious illnesses on a regular basis. Clinicians and patients will be safer and healthier if they…

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  • good Gynecologist in Lahore

    Women Get Nauseous During Pregnancy, Why?

    A recent study conducted by the Gynecologist in Lahore showed that up to 75% of women suffered from nausea during pregnancy. Many of them became nauseous to vomiting multiple times every day. Though nausea during pregnancy is relatively common, it’s important to understand why it happens so you can manage your symptoms as best as possible and make sure your…

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  • Best psychiatrist in lahore

    Find The Best Psychiatrist In Lahore

    If you are looking for a Best psychiatrist in Lahore, Pakistan, you have come to the right place. At our clinic, we offer the best treatment options for mental health problems. At izr_deaddiction, we offer a wide range of services to those who need them. We have a team of experienced psychiatrists who can help you get the treatment you need.…

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  • Best-Hospitals-in-Pakistan

    Best Hospitals in Pakistan With Good Pediatrics Department

    Everyone who has a child or has children in the family knows the importance of pediatricians. There are differences between children and adults and one cannot think that an adult and a child can get the exact same treatment. When a child is born, it needs intensive care to survive, also there are some tests that are performed at the…

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