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Best Type of Shower Drain for Bathroom in India

The drainage system in our bathrooms has evolved along with the times and technologies. People are much better informed about the types of drains they want today. Any inexpensive remedy would have worked in the past, but today’s drains are stylish and practical as well. In this article, we will discuss about best type of shower drain for bathroom in India.

Shower Drain Varieties in India

According to the need and available space in the interior, a broad range of shower drains offered in India. Shower drains with features like Wave Shower drain channel, Tile Insert Shower Drain Channel, and Marble Insert Shower Drain Channel are offered by Lipka.

Linear Drain Channel

A long, narrow drain with a rectangular shape is called a linear drain. It may be positioned in the centre of the shower floor, along the wall, or at the entry. By enabling water to pass through the drain and into a trough or channel under the shower floor, linear drains work. The sleek and subtle design of linear drains sets them apart from classic square or circular centre point drains. However, they also offer other, useful advantages to homes, such as improved accessibility, safety, and installation and design flexibility. The following list includes a few categories of linear drain channels:

Wave Linear Drain Channel

Wave Shower Drain Channels designed to manage enormous amounts of water and come with a drain cover, tray, and cockroach trap.  It facilitates quick water drainage and includes a collar for simple installation.


Vertical Linear Drain Channel

Vertical shower drain channels are linear or long floor drains appropriate for drain pipes with a diameter of 3″ or greater. The cockroach trap keeps bugs, gases, and bad odours out of the bathroom and collects trash to keep the drains clear. It is made of a durable material that is long-lasting and resists rusting and corrosion, has quick drainage thanks to extensive drainage technology.


Palo Linear Drain Channel

The LIPKA Palo Shower Drain Channels are Linear/Long Floor Drains with a Drain Cover, Tray, and a Cockroach Trap that are intended to handle massive amounts of water. The Material used in Palo shower drain channels Made of high-quality i.e. AISI 304-Grade stainless steel. Observed as 1mm thick and has an 18% chromium and 8% nickel content. The combination of a brushed matte surface and a squared-hole detachable grate gives the piece an edgy, fashionable look. Fit for drain pipes with a diameter of 4 inches or larger. Because the drain cover, grate, and jali are removable, it is easy to empty the waste that has accumulated in the tray.


Marble/Tile Insert Floor Drain

These channels are unique in that some people might not feel like looking at their drainage systems as they use the restroom. And the drains through these channels are not apparent to the human eye. They also reside in the bathroom’s flooring so naturally that it appears seamless and opulent. Specially made for 21mm. The material used in crafting Marble/Tile insert Floor drain is high-quality.  AISI 304 stainless steel that appears 1 mm thick and contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel for non-corrosive properties. These seamless drain channel considered best type of shower drain for bathroom in India.


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