Best IO Games in 2022

Here are some of the most popular and finest io games available in your web browser today, including,,, and more.

The Best IO Games in 2022


When most people think of browser-based io games, they think of In this MMO action game, users control a circular cell that hunts for smaller static cells to eat. Other players control competitor cells against which you must compete for food; if their cell is larger than yours, you risk becoming their meal if they catch you. This is the interesting part: the larger your cell, the slower you walk.

So, what happens when you’re too sluggish to eat cells but too little to absorb everything in sight? Cells can be split in half at any time, giving players two separate cells to manage. Each cell can split up to four times, allowing players to avoid certain death when confronted with a massive foe. is one of the top io games because of its incredibly addicting gameplay and five unique multiplayer modes.


Remember Snake, the popular smartphone game? combines that similar principle with As a result, an even simpler version of has been created that is just as addictive to play. immerses players in the skin of a snake as it devours adjacent pellets… Do you see where this is going?

The approach for is slightly different, as there is no split cells mechanic to get you out of any sticky situations. You have access to a short boost, but it will not help you if your opponent has engulfed you in their coiled snake body. You may just intend to play the business game for five minutes, but the gameplay cycle of can quickly stretch that into an hour.

3. is a tank game set in a 2D arena created by Matheus Valadares, the designer of Each player controls a tank that can initially only fire one missile at a time. Players can level up their vehicles as they destroy polygon objects and other tanks, allowing them to travel faster, hit harder, and become more, well, tanky. Destroying big opponent tanks grants players a large number of experience points, allowing them to instantly level up.

4. is a multiplayer sketching and guessing game that is similar to Pictionary. Each participant is given the opportunity to draw for the other players; the artist is given three words to choose from before taking the stage and drawing for everyone. The remainder of the group enters their predictions into a chat window, but all they can see are erroneous responses.

This is one of those games that actually works better if your party does not include any artists. Finding the answer to your friend’s terrible drawings feels fantastic; it’s even better when no one else gets the answer, giving you the appearance of a mindreader.


Browser games do not have to be two-dimensional. is a 3D FPS game that combines aspects from Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox to create a simple but deep shooter. Krunker’s mobility concept is based on bunny hops, which let players to gain momentum as they race through levels by sliding and hopping at the right time.

Krunker io has a robust player base, thus you may go into any game mode without fear of joining any empty lobbies. Along with the standard CoD-style game types, Krunker features custom servers with unique modes such as Parkour, Simon Says, and Prop Hunt.

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