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Best Internal SSD 2022

A Soleid State Drive (SSD) in the current era has gone through a lot of transformation. When it comes to discussing their capacity, speed, or any other aspect, all of those have improved over the years. With the launch of laptops and desktops, the formerly elite technology is now in the access of the common public. Hence, this has resulting them moving from mechanical hard drives to the more contemporary ones(Solid State Drive).

Therefore, what was the actual reason for the public to make a move from a traditional hard drive (HDD) to the latest ones (SSD)? While there was no denying that HDD offered better storage capacity. However, it resulted in speed issues while processing data. For this purpose, people started to buy SSD instead. This is because it allowed them to process the data at a much faster rate. However, with that being said, not every SSD is created equally, although it holds the edge over HDD, offering a mammoth amount of storage capacity. Even the slowest SSD proves to be faster than any HDD on any given day.

What to Consider For Choosing Appropriate SSD in 2022?

PCIe and NVMe are the two choices in recent years if you want to buy SSD. Hence, it will also affect the PC performance. Before you go for selecting the drive for your PC, you should consider all the aspects that link with it. You should examine whether your system is willing to accept an upgrade or replacement of an internal SSD. In actual practice, you will find internal SSDs as the most complex ones. Three different forms exist in the market, i.e.:

  • AIB or Add-in board SSD

  • 5-inch hard drive and

  • M2 drives

Planning For a Desktop or Laptop Upgrade

When you plan to buy SSD or even HDD, you have to define whether you want it for a laptop or a desktop. You have to be clear whether you are choosing an internal SSD or an external one. As the name internal indicates, the SSD will be inside the laptop chassis or desktop PC. On the other hand, an external hard drive is the one that connects with the PC from the outside. HDD and SSDs are two kinds of data storage devices that are connected as an internal hard drive. If the CPU is a faster but slow storage device, will affect the performance overall. Hence, to benefit from the maximum performance, it is essential to choose the appropriate SSD, instead of an HDD.

SSD vs. HDD Performance

When you buy SSD and compare it with an HDD, you will notice that both of them are designed in an entirely different pattern. While SSD makes use of flash memory for saving valuable data, HDD makes use of the read-write arm or spindle for the same. When we compare SSD with HDD in terms of performance, we will know that HDD is much slower as compared to SSD. On the other hand, HDD offers a larger storage capacity as compared to SSD. However, no matter how much capacity HDD has to offer, it cannot match the speed of the slowest SSD.

Some of the examples of Internal SSDs

  • SSDPE21K015TA01

The first internal SSD on the list is SSDPE21K015TA01 having a storage capacity of 1.5 TB. It has a form factor of 2.5 inches. SSDPE21K015TA01 is an internal SSD from Intel with 3D XPoint flash memory technology. It has a random read and write IOPS (speed) of 550000 respectively, while MTBF of 2000000 hours. Furthermore, it has PCI Express 3.0 x4 as the drive interface type included within.

  • SSDSA2MH080G101

Another internal SSD on the list is SSDSA2MH080G101, which comes from Intel. It is a solid-state drive with an 80 GB storage capacity. It consists of a maximum Read Transfer Rate of 250 MB/s, whereas, the maximum write transfer rate is 70 MB/s. SSDSA2MH080G101 is an internal SSD hard drive that consists of SATA/300 Drive Interface Standard. Furthermore, the drive width is 2.5″ with RoHS environmental certification, while also consisting of environmentally friendly conditions.

  • SSDPEKKA010T701

SSDPEKKA010T701 is an internal SSD from Intel having a storage capacity of 1 TB. It also consists of a 256-bit encryption standard. As far as the drive performance is concerned, the SSD has a maximum read transfer Rate of    1.76 GB/s, while the maximum write transfer rate is 175 MB/s. The Drive Interface Standard is PCI Express 3.0 x4. Lastly,

  • SSDSC2KG038T801

Another Internal SSD from Intel is SSDSC2KG038T801, which comes from the series D3-S4610. As a solid-state drive, it has a storage capacity of 3.84 TB. As far as drive performance is concerned, it has a 560 MB/s maximum read transfer rate of 560 MB/s while the writer transfer rate of 510 MB/s (maximum). The operating power consumption is 3.70 W while the drive interface standard is SATA/600. The internal SSD further consists of a 2.5” drive width, whereas, its height is 0.3”.

  • E100D-SSD-4T

E100D-SSD-4T is an internal SSD from Cisco with a storage capacity of 4 TB. It has an Enterprise Multi-Level Cell eMLC Flash Memory technology. It further consists of a drive interface type of 12 GB/s SAS technology. The dimension of the Solid State Drive is 2.5-inch, available at Gracile IT USA at affordable prices.


SSDPEL1D380GAX1 is an internal SSD manufactured by Intel, having a storage capacity of 380 GB. Furthermore, it also consists of 3D XPoint Flash Memory Technology. It also consists of M.2 22110 Form Factor. As far as random read and write IOPS are concerned, they are 575000 and 550000 respectively. The internal hard drive has an MTBF of 1600000 Hour(s) whereas the drive interface type is PCI Express 3.0 x4.

  • SSDPE2KE064T801

SSDPE2KE064T801 as an internal SSD also belongs to Intel having a storage capacity of 6.4 TB. Furthermore, the internal solid state drive also has a triple-level cell (TLC) flash memory. The form factor of SSDPE2KE064T801 is 2.5-inch and MTBF of 2000000 Hour(s). The random read and write speed of IOPS is 640000 and 220000 respectively. On a concluding note, its drive interface type consists of PCI Express 3.1 x4.

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