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Wholesale 2 Piece Rigid Boxes offer the flexibility to customize your boxes for a unique look and feel. You can choose any colour and design and add a custom touch with leather, silk, or wood panels. If you want to add luxury to your boxes, consider purchasing boxes made of velvet or leather. You can choose various styles and materials to match your products and business needs.

Explore all custom two-piece rigid boxes

Two-piece rigid boxes are a high-end packaging option that features a lid and can be customized to meet your brand’s objectives. This type of packaging is durable and offers a premium look, which is desirable for displaying products on a retail shelf. It is also one of the thickest types of packaging, which allows for customization depending on the product’s size, shape, and security needs.

Whether presenting food, drinks, or other products, rigid boxes offer a sleek and regal impression. They are strong, shock-proof, and great for retail packaging, gift boxes, and promotional packaging.

You can add a logo or title to your rigid box or customize the box’s base with punchlines and other custom printing techniques. You can also include product information, such as ingredients and warnings. You can also choose a colour model for the base of your box. This colour model will allow you to add hues to the design while maintaining the desired degree of precision.

Two-piece rigid boxes can be customized with all the details you need to present your products. You can add a logo and tagline or incorporate a see-through window to ensure your customers can see the products inside. Rigid containers make products look beautiful and premium and can help increase sales and margins.

Luxury Boxes and Premium Packaging

Rigid boxes are a popular choice for premium packaging, especially if your product is expensive. Their thicker thickness and more flexible openings give them a distinct advantage over traditional cartons. The outer side of rigid boxes can be customized with graphics, images, and text.

Rigid boxes are also custom-made to fit your product perfectly. They are usually made of solid chipboard wrapped in thin paper, making them sturdy and luxurious. Additionally, they can be decorated and personalized and come with various accessories, such as ribbon pulls. This type of packaging is also retail-ready and storage-capable.

Wholesale Two Piece Rigid Boxes

Premium packaging is a great way to add value to your brand. Rigid boxes are also excellent for sales kits, which allow you to present your products to consumers. They can give your products a premium look, and rigid boxes’ tactile experience can entice consumers to buy them.

These boxes are great for luxury products and can be custom-designed to accommodate any product. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and textures and can be printed with your logo or images. You can even have special finishing techniques applied to your packaging, resulting in an even more luxurious appearance.

Rigid boxes can come with die-cut foam inserts that provide a professional appearance. These inserts are available in various colours and can cradle fragile or breakable items. Customized thermoformed trays are also available.

Dedicated Support From Packaging Specialists

Retailers and brands are increasingly aware of the importance of packaging for their products. Rigid boxes are one way to accomplish this objective. Using quality materials, these boxes are durable and highly reliable. In addition, these boxes can be personalized, retail-ready, and storage-capable.

An excellent rigid kraft box design will draw consumers’ attention to your product. This can help your brand stand out in the marketplace. Wooden boxes are available in various formats, colors, and materials. They can even be adorned with silk or leather or even wood panels.

Rigid boxes are an excellent choice for packaging corporate goods and photographic prints. With the ability to print logos and images, these boxes offer a simple yet elegant solution. These boxes also make an excellent choice for handing over products to customers.

Rigid boxes are a versatile way to protect your products during transportation. Because of their rigidity, they are sturdy and durable, preventing damage during transport. If you need to send your products a long distance, rigid boxes are an excellent choice for ensuring that your products remain safe and intact.

Rigid boxes are the best way to showcase your brand. They can help your product stand out and attract potential customers when designed and printed correctly. Customized wooden boxes can even include your brand name and logo, which helps distinguish your products from the competition.

Why us for Custom 2 Piece Rigid Boxes

If you’re looking for a quality printing service for your custom 2-piece rigid boxes, you’ve come to the right place. We offer two different printing methods: digital printing and offset printing.

Offset printing requires the application of ink to plates and has a more extensive colour palette than digital printing. This type of printing is best for larger volumes of products and offers more vibrant colours.

A two-piece rigid box is one way to give your products a unique and attractive presentation. These boxes are perfect for gift giving because they give the impression of quality and prestige. They’re also great for retail and promotional packaging. They can be printed with your company logo, title, tagline, and more.

Rigid boxes are a good choice for shipping products that need to be protected. They are solid and durable, and you’ll save money on packaging. In addition to being inexpensive, these boxes are easy to handle and take up less warehouse space. These boxes are also perfect for shipping bulky or heavy items.

Two-piece rigid boxes can be made into any custom shape or size. This allows you to get creative with your packaging, and we can help you make it look as great as possible. This type of packaging is an excellent choice for naming brands, and we can help you design the best box for your products.

Safest and most Durable Boxes

Rigid boxes have a sturdy structure, which makes them ideal for small and medium-sized products. Unlike folding cartons, rigid boxes do not easily deform and keep their shape when transported.

They are also highly effective in protecting the product inside. They are made of plastic or cardboard to ensure that the product does not get damaged during shipping.

Rigid boxes are also helpful in promoting products since they look good and protect them from damage. They also help brands communicate the value of their products and encourage consumers to try them out. The best rigid boxes are designed to be sturdy and attractive, and they are available in various sizes and shapes.

Rigid two-piece boxes are also available in custom designs. They come in three sizes and five different styles. These boxes are perfect for presenting both food and non-food products. They also feature a see-through window for easier viewing. Rigid two-piece boxes come with a window lid, making it easier for customers to view the product before purchasing.

Rigid boxes are available in different colours. Two sides allow for printing. A custom print can be printed on the outside, creating maximum impact and a brilliant unboxing experience. Rigid boxes can also be printed inside out. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating custom rigid boxes.

Custom Packaging Boxes With Logo

Wholesale printed boxes is the professional packaging industry, mainly produce a variety of high-quality cardboard boxes, cardboard, and other packaging products.

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