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Best Hospitals in Pakistan With Good Pediatrics Department

Everyone who has a child or has children in the family knows the importance of pediatricians. There are differences between children and adults and one cannot think that an adult and a child can get the exact same treatment. When a child is born, it needs intensive care to survive, also there are some tests that are performed at the time of a child’s birth. And when a baby starts growing up they go through many physical changes, infections, and chronic illnesses. When they start running or riding bicycles they can suffer from some injuries. This is all the part of growing up(Best Hospitals in Pakistan).

All these matters are treated by a pediatrician. Everyone loves their children and wants the best for them, be it health, education, or the future. But health always comes first because if a child is not healthy, it can become an obstacle for its growth. That is why we need good pediatricians for our children, who can treat them the way a child should be treated, with delicacy and care. If your children are growing up in Multan you should know about the best hospital in Multan with the most equipped pediatrics departments. In this article, we will suggest a good hospital for you and your children.

What are pediatricians specialized to do?

Pediatricians are the doctors for infants, toddlers, and adolescents. They treat young people under the age of 18. And they are specialized in treating childhood illnesses. They diagnose and treat various problems in children:

  •         Infections
  •         Injuries
  •         Chronic illnesses
  •         Organ dysfunction
  •         Genetic diseases

These are the issues pediatricians deal with, children have different immunity systems than adults. There are some treatments and medicines which are specific to children and some medicines which are only for children. The adult’s medicines can be very dangerous for children, so always consult a pediatrician before giving your child any medicine.  

Pediatricians and preventive care

Pediatricians not only treat illnesses or injuries, but they also provide the basic health guide to your children. How to stay healthy and how to prevent potential illnesses. A regular check-up with a pediatrician can help you and your children from many health risks. They also deal with the behavioral issues of children and the delays in their development and growth.

MASH is one of the best hospitals in Multan which is providing the best pediatrics services to the patients. They have the most qualified staff for the treatment of your children. Sometimes, when parents are unable to understand a child’s problem, a pediatrician communicates with the child and figures out the main issue and the factors causing those issues. So this is important to know which pediatrician in your city is qualified enough to treat such issues

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Whom to trust with your children illnesses

It is important for parents to find a hospital with good pediatricians because children need treatment or check-ups more often. There are some best hospitals in Pakistan which provide good pediatric services but in Multan, MASH offers the best pediatrics department for your children with highly qualified and competent staff.  They have the most modern equipment for children to diagnose diseases and allergies. These are some services MASH provides you:  

Respiratory support machines

MASH has the latest respiratory support machines to support the patients like incubators and ventilators. Incubators are essential for newborns, many infants cannot survive without incubators. They need a special environment and a specific amount of oxygen. It protects babies from germs and other viruses.

Newborn assessments

They also offer different screening tests for newborns. They have the facility of newborn hearing screening test, this test detects any hearing loss at the time of birth. We should never delay the hearing screening test, the early detection of the problem can be treated at an early stage. This can save your child from a lifetime of hearing impairment.

Allergy Clinic

MASH has an allergy clinic for the detection of allergies. Some children are born with some allergies. And it is very important to detect them, otherwise, they can cause harm to the child. MASH is the best hospital in Multan for child allergies detection.

Vaccination program

Vaccines are injections that help immunize children and protect them from different diseases and viruses. MASH provides the full program of vaccination of children from birth. These vaccines involve chickenpox, measles, hepatitis, polio, and rubella.  

Asthma clinic

Childhood asthma can get worse with the age, it’s better to see the pediatrician at the right time when the symptoms are clear. The symptoms of childhood asthma can be frequent coughing, short breathe or tightness in the chest while breathing. Mash among all other best hospitals in Pakistan provides the best services related to childhood asthma. These are the exclusive services MASH offers to the people in Multan. 

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