Best Feature of Monday Project Management vs Jira Project Management

The Monday software is a unique ensemble of project management and app development tools. Running since 2012, it has gained a significant reputation among agile teams for being able to manage the work requirements with flexibility. The Jira project management software is another viable option for those who want to create roadmaps, generate reports, and track issues.

Let’s see how Monday project management and Jira project management software provide support to teams.

Monday Project Management Software

The Monday project management software caters to the requirements of users who are looking for high-end solutions. The online workspace slows down with manual tasks and repetitive data entry. Monday recognizes these conflicts and provides the following solutions to overcome the problems:


Do you ever wish that you could have a fully personalized view of the ongoing processes? Monday integrates dashboards that are completely customizable so you can keep up with information that needs to be checked. Whether it is budgets or timelines, all are accessible from a bird’s eye view.

The dashboards can also be used to integrate tools that are required to manage your team. You can assign tasks, share tasks, and even check what the team is up to. In other words, you will always be one step ahead of the project.


If you find yourself overwhelmed by the repetitive tasks, worry not because Monday software cultivates automation as well. You can send emails on the due dates as well as receive email updates from the team.

Likewise, you can avoid the time wasted on meetings to discuss things that can be resolved with automated and real-time progress updates. In fact, you will not be badgering for information as it will arrive at you when it is ready.


It is crucial to manage details and make changes to files but keeping up with the process can be difficult for the team. Monday lets you make live annotations where people can directly communicate to get rid of feedback loops.

Moreover, saving each and every file after making changes can get complicated. You can organize your documents as Monday maintains file versions. It can spot the current version thus saving you the trouble of looking for your most recent version.

There are some apps that are used by teams every day. You can bring them along when you shift on Monday. You can seamlessly integrate Photoshop, InDesign, and several others.


Monday turns documents into a dynamic space for team collaboration. If different members are working on the same document, they can co-edit it in real-time. However, there are no complications because the drag-and-drop features let you move the text around without disturbing others.

You can also integrate other tools like videos, boards, and dashboards into the work documents to make sure that the relevant information is available. And lastly, you can also turn your documents into action lists.

Monday Demo

Interested in learning more? If you think Monday is the working partner you need, you can learn more through their blog which also features the Monday demo for a brief introduction.

Jira Project Management Software

A reasonable number of teams prefer Jira when they are engaged in coding and deployment. It is not only helpful for issue tracking but can also be useful for project management. Here is what makes the Jira tool special:

Agile Boards

For teams that move fast, even faster tools are required. First of all, the Jira has Scrum and Kanban boards that move around your needs. The Scrum board is ideal for breaking down huge assignments into manageable tasks. Once the tasks are ready, you can then assign them to the team and set due dates so that everyone can see what they are expected to perform.

On the other hand, the Kanban board can be used to visualize the workflow and have an accessible timeline. You can customize the timeline as it suits you too.


Roadmaps are what contextualize the work. Any time a team member hops on, they should know what developments have taken place or which steps are required to fulfill tasks. Therefore, the Jira tool can be used to map out the history of all the processes.

It can further be used to track dependencies, projects, or initiatives too. What roadmaps do is help you gather enough information to evaluate if there could be possible bottlenecks in the future. You can, based on the details, take steps to eliminate any issues.

Reports and Insights

You may want to keep up with all the ongoing processes and their results. However, there is no need to exit the software as everything is brought to you on the same platform. Agile reports and dashboards empower teams to execute data-driven decisions.

For example, the sprint report will be able to check the completed tasks as well as overcommitment. The burndown chart will also be helpful in tracking the progress of the ongoing sprints to ensure that everything is under control.

Meanwhile, the release burndown charts will give you access to information about the upcoming deadlines and where your work stands in relation to it.

Open DevOps

You can plan, code, deploy, and operate, all through a single software. It is often impossible to manage projects and focus on development through a single software. The Open DevOps integration makes it possible to bring all the apps to a single platform.

You can even automate tasks so that your focus on development is not shifted to mundane things. In other words, Jira is a one-of-a-kind tool that actually saves you time.

Jira Demo

If you think Jira is the ideal tool, you can also view the Jira demo to learn details before you get started with the system. The demo is available on the website and is accessible to all visitors. Check out the Jira project management tool.

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