It’s time to give your home a makeover. Give it a new look with the latest designs and stuff available on the block. Gift yourself the comfort, style and décor of an embellished residence this season. You deserve to live a royal life and ceramic house decor does just that – it makes you feel majestic. A thoughtful home is the finest way to accessorize your living place. Ceramic home décor is the newest technique to give an outdated place a spiced-up look in a look trendy and unique style. Since most ceramic pieces are handmade, they give a distinct appearance to the whole place without changing much physically.

What is ceramic décor?

Ceramics and ceramic pieces have evolved to add beauty to human life in ancient times. Since ceramics can endure high temperatures, they were the most preferred choice for use as utensils, storage vessels, even pottery. So, In modern times, people who wish to explore and experiment with the aesthetic sense of beauty go in for ceramic décor for their residential and workplace. Ceramic products are designed, sized, shaped, detailed and priced to make them easily manageable.

How are ceramics made?

Typically, ceramics are made by heating unprocessed clay and similar natural material to form a strong sturdy artifact that can endure all weather conditions. However, due to technological development and advancement, ceramic products can be custom-made for pureness, size of its grains and mixture. 

Why do we use ceramics?

Ceramic products are the most suitable for décor and styling as they have the following properties:

  • Firm, wearing resistant
  • Brittle, non-magnetic
  • Electric, thermal insulation
  • Refractory, oxidation resistant
  • Susceptible to thermal, chemical reactions

How is ceramic used for the décor of a house?

Ceramic is an intelligent blend of artwork and contemporary design. These days using ceramics for décor is consider the ‘in-thing’ as it is environment friendly, attractive and impressive. The décor proves to be versatile and multi-use. So, Ceramics are used in electrical insulators, dinnerware and tiles for the floor, decoration pieces and several exclusive, customized and handmade glazed products. Not only do they make a colourful statement, these tiny and quaint items add to the exquisiteness of the place. Many a time, ceramics are make in collaboration with artefacts designed by the traditional artists promoting ethnicity. They keep our time-honor practices alive.  

Ceramic decorative items enhance the splendour of a place as they are unique in themselves. As each piece is handmade, there is something gorgeous about each piece, whether it is designing, styling, painting or the feel of the piece. So, One can touch a piece, place it in one particular corner and see the difference it creates in the vibes. More often, they narrate a tale of the artist who made it. 

Why ceramic for house décor?

There are ample reasons to support the use of ceramics for embellishing a house. Here are some of them outline as under:

  • Cleaned and maintained easily: ceramics are easy to maintain. They can be cleane easily using a rough cloth or simple wet wipes. Ceramic is water-stain resistant and hence. There is no fear of tint or marks after cleaning. It also means there is no need to use any strong chemical or detergent as it may affect the polish of the décor.
  • Durable and eco-friendly: Ceramic substances and products are all durable and long-lasting. They are make keeping in mind the natural properties and therefore, do not wither away with time. They are temperature resistant and cab forbear very high temperatures without losing sheen or lustre. The sparkle of a ceramic lasts for years. Ceramics are eco-friendly and do not damage the environment. They promote the use of natural things for decoration and adornment in places like homes and offices.
  • Health and hygiene: Not just from the environmental point of view, but keeping your health in focus, ceramics are the best choice. So, They are chemical-free, even viable to bear the heat of a microwave. They are toxic-free and resistant to mites, bacteria and molds etc. Using ceramic products is hygienic and stain-free. A ceramic pot on the entrance of your house won’t leave any stain marks even after torrential rains.  
  • Promoting ethical and ethnic art: Ceramics are make using ethical and ethnic knowledge thereby ensuring honesty and authenticity along with a mixture of art and craft giving the pieces a fusion look. Another noteworthy feature is the recyclability of the products once destroyed or damaged. They reduce the impact on the environment by subtly mingling in nature. 
  • Original and handy: Mere presence of ceramic décor pieces can enlighten the ambience and change the ‘look’ of the dwelling. They are original and versatile in their being and augment the appearance of your house once installed. There is a huge variety of ceramic products which can be used such as mugs, vases, wall hangings, knobs of doors and drawers and curtain handles etc. You can also customize the products as per your need and style. In addition, there is a choice of a range of colours and motifs to choose from. Truly using ceramics opens the doors to a wide variety of products, colours, designs, styles and price ranges.

Conclusion ?

Ceramics have emerged as a significant element in the interior designing world with its use spreading from items of kitchenware to decoration and pieces of art. These days, ceramic pieces are position to bring elegance and royalty to any nook and corner of the house. Decorative ceramics can bring a dead spot to life and enliven it with colours and elegance. So, Go ahead and get yourself a candle holder, wax or oil burner, hand-painted terracotta pots or an incense diffuser and bring in the fragrance and hues of life to your monotonous life. Their presence will surely lighten up your mood and lift your spirits to the loveliness and exquisiteness of your existence on this earth. It’s time to add the love and grandeur to your dreary life and refine the interiors of your living spaces by buying some innovative art pieces.

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