Benefits of Birthday Greeting Cards

Benefits of Birthday Greeting Cards
Birthday greeting cards are simple, but full of meaning

Birthday greeting cards are simple, but full of meaning. So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that your friend or distant friend is going to hold a birthday party? Undoubtedly the first thing that will appear is sending a birthday greeting card for our friend or friend. However, if we ourselves want to hold the birthday party, in the near future, for example, of course we have to prepare a birthday greeting card first. So what does it feel like if we get a birthday card from someone?

Of course, our feelings will be happy because indirectly we have been noticed and even prayed for. We can also know that our friends are still loyal to be our best friends. For that, let’s send a birthday card to our friend who is getting older. A birthday card is a symbol of a thank you note, a token of friendship, and it can beat a special gift or even a bouquet of flowers.

Recycled Birthday Greeting Cards

Making a birthday greeting card does not have to have to spend a large amount of money. Simple birthday greeting cards can be made yourself. Usually the only material needed is thick paper or other materials such as cardboard or can also be used from recycled materials. From that material, we can make shapes as we like with pictures that are also in sync with taste.

Usually, the manufacturing technique is quite simple.

The normal size of a birthday card is 175 mm x 125 mm. However, it doesn’t have to be a mandatory reference because in fact making birthday greeting cards is free, according to our tastes and as we like. With expression, we can make birthday cards with a smaller shape or even jumbo size. Synchronize tastes and color according to your friends’ wishes.

Meanwhile, regarding the standard budget in making birthday greeting cards, there really isn’t anything because everything is purely our creativity. There are so many materials for making birthday greeting cards. Using paper is also very easy.

In fact, if a birthday greeting card is made from the fruit of our hands, it will certainly have more value in the eyes of friends. However, if you want practical and fast food, there are also many shops selling birthday greeting cards. Just choose, which one you want. In Indonesia, greeting cards like this are mostly sold in one package along with the envelope. So, don’t bother spending a lot of money to make birthday greeting cards.

History of Birthday Greeting Cards

Apparently, the beginning of the culture of birthday cards originated in England, which occurred more than a century ago. People then agreed that the first birthday greeting cards came from there. However, regarding who the pioneer or the first person who sent a birthday greeting card and who received a birthday greeting card was is not yet known.

Birthday greeting cards can be categorized as feeling cards. Chinese citizens are people who diligently send greeting cards. Regarding this history, it can be seen in the history of Ancient China. Chinese people are known to be very diligent in sending greetings on New Year’s Day. Not only the Chinese, Europeans in the 1400s also made greeting cards for others or themselves. This custom has also become a tradition there.

We know, giving birthday greeting cards occurs only in exclusive moments and indeed the tradition of this birthday greeting card is not from our tradition. But what’s wrong if we cultivate something good and positive. Furthermore, we are not only familiar with birthday cards, but we also know Eid cards, Christmas cards, and Valentine. Through this greeting card, we can insert aphorisms, humor, love, and also a prayer for the recipient as well as birthday greeting cards.

Benefits of Birthday Greeting Cards

Are there any uses for birthday cards? Actually there is, one of which makes our friends or friends feel happy and feel cared for when their birthday arrives. Even though the words in it are simple and simple, they will remain forever in the hearts of our friends who receive birthday greeting cards.

Through birthday greeting cards, we can still communicate and maintain friendship ropes and many other uses.

E-card Birthday Greeting Card

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated and changing times, birthday greeting cards can no longer only be used

send by postal service. The presence of the postal service, of course, is very helpful. Since its appearance, it has been possible to speed up greeting card delivery services compared to ancient times who still faithfully use the services of a horse or carriage. Without being felt, the words on the card have made many people happy. Well, today’s birthday greeting cards have penetrated into the global electronics or we often call them e-cards. In essence, the usual birthday greeting cards with e-cards are the same. 

However, there are also many people who prefer to print birthday cards instead of sending them e-mails because not everyone can see e-mails all the time. The congratulatory card message will then be sent to a large audience and all of them automatically send a birthday card.

Indeed, with the presence of electronic sophistication, this greeting card is simpler and easier to use. The habit of sending birthday greeting cards, indeed, we see it is almost extinct. In fact, the emergence of electronic greeting cards with advanced technology began in 1996. And of course it is certain that many people will change direction from sending birthday greeting cards with paper or crayon media, then switch to e-cards.

Well, so what are you waiting for. Immediately make a birthday card or whatever to your best friend. Who knows, your best friend is actually waiting for a birthday greeting card, either via a piece of paper or via SMS.

Want something cooler? Use e-cards. So, there is no need to argue about people who don’t like the tradition of sending greeting cards because the tradition of sending greeting cards is not a pure culture from Indonesia. Let’s send a birthday card.

Designing Birthday Greeting Cards as Self-Creativity

And, every time a birthday is approaching, a birthday card is an unavoidable necessity. Everyone who wants to celebrate or commemorate his birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is a birthday card.

Birthday greeting cards are indeed a characteristic of birthday celebrations. Even though this is not actually the norm of our nation, but at least this card is an important communication tool. With this card, we can tell other people, for example, friends that there will be a birthday party, at least there is an invitation to attend.

In general, we give birthday greeting cards as an expression of feeling happy for the happy day. This birthday greeting card is a form of affection and love that a person has for other people, such as friends, relatives, or children to their parents.

Get creative with Birthday Greeting Cards

If we get an invitation to attend a birthday party or we know the birthday of a friend or closest person, then we can send a birthday card to them. This is a vehicle for introduction and building intimacy.

Meanwhile, to be able to give this birthday greeting card, then we can develop our creativity to make the greeting card. We can make a birthday greeting card design as we want. This can also be an opportunity to earn your own income. With the creativity that we have, then we can earn quite a promising income. Therefore, we should capture this and empower it.

Creative Birthday Greeting Cards

To develop creativity, especially in making birthday greeting cards, we can make designs in sync with our wishes.

Therefore, to give a deep impression when we want to wish a happy birthday through a birthday greeting card, it is better for us to design the card ourselves. This also gives the image of the birthday nan that our words are very sincere.

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