Bathroom Renovation Designs For Different Styles and Themes

Renovation Designs

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are many different styles and trends that you can choose from. You can choose from a modern, minimalist, industrial, relaxing, or industrial look. These ideas are suited for any type of home, and will give your bathroom a new look. You can also choose a theme that suits your personal taste and bathroom renovation designs.


If you’d like to spruce up your bathroom, consider one of the many modern bathroom renovation designs available. This style features simple, clean lines and a neutral color palette. It also emphasizes the importance of natural materials and minimal design. Modern bathrooms can feel open and spacious due to their minimalistic design. To add an element of warmth to the predominantly gray color scheme, tile is a great option.

A modern bathroom renovation design may also feature black and white mosaic tile on the walls and lavatory countertop. It may feature a recessed white bathtub or a glass enclosed shower. The space’s sleek design is accented by a black and white tiled ceiling and floor. A sleek, chrome-finished faucet completes the room’s monochrome theme.

Modern bathroom designs often feature a simple color palette and simple geometric shapes. They also tend to feature a natural element like a stone backsplash, which adds to the overall mood. Using natural elements such as stone and wood in a bathroom renovation design makes it appear less sterile and more calming. For instance, a bathroom renovation specialist in Melbourne designed a modern bathroom with glass walls surrounding the shower.

A sleek modern bathroom may feature large picture windows that bring in large amounts of natural light. The ceiling is also lighted, and a small gold chandelier hangs over the center of the bathroom. A rectangular white bathtub is set across a large rectangular black stone tiled sink. Dark wood laminate countertops flank a black stone wash basin and a modernesque toilet. A tri-headed wall lamp completes the design.


A minimalist design is best if you want a bathroom that reflects your personal style. Think simple decor with minimalist accents, such as a floating toilet. You have two options: keep the rest of your bathroom decor simple or go for a more intricate look with a mosaic accent wall. Minimalist bathrooms can be a great way to show off your personality and make your space more functional. You don’t need to spend a lot on accessories.

A neutral color scheme is the key to a minimalist bathroom. Choose white or a neutral shade of gray for your walls and floors. You have the option of using a darker color for countertops or adding some contrast with a stone or wood countertop. No matter what you choose, a minimalist design will not overwhelm its surroundings.

Lighting is another important part of a minimalist bathroom. It is important that the lighting is bright, well-lit, and easy to read. Consider using flush can lighting for an illusion of ceiling-level lighting, or installing a skylight for natural sunlight. It doesn’t matter what option you choose, ample storage space is essential in your bathroom.

Incorporating vintage items into a minimalist design is a good way to inject a unique touch. This look will work best in bathrooms with all-tile surfaces.


There are many ways to update your bathroom if you have an industrial-style home. You can use reclaimed wood for warmth and natural light, or opt for glass paneling for modernity. Paneled glass keeps the space open, but offers separation. The style is based on minimalism and sharp angles. Adding a mirror to the wall will add a soft glow and add visual interest to the room.

When you are transforming your bathroom, you must remember that space is a prime consideration. You need to maximize the space available, but you also need to consider the comfort of your family. Children outgrow trends quickly, so you should choose colors and patterns that will appeal to their tastes. In addition, you should take into consideration safety when planning your bathroom renovation. You should also consider tub mats or faucet covers when renovating your bathroom. Thankfully, there are industrial bathroom renovation Essendon ideas that will appeal to both adults and kids.

Industrial bathroom designs emphasize geometric shapes. While straight lines are the best, you can add curves to your space by using a curved bathtub or round sink basin. These features will help you to save time and enhance the beauty of your home.

Relaxing bathroom renovations

Relaxing bathroom renovations

Relaxing bathroom renovations focus on comfort. Natural accents like plants and fluffy towels help to create a peaceful atmosphere. You can also add essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers to enhance the mood. When designing a relaxing bathroom, lighting is important. Use soft lighting to create a mood-enhancing environment.

Decluttering and cleaning the bathroom is the first step in creating a relaxing design. This involves removing any old items and deciding what belongs inside the bathroom. It also means setting priorities. Consider how much you can spend on the design, and prioritize the design features that matter the most to you.

Spa-like bathroom renovation

A spa-like bathroom renovation can add style and ambiance to any space. Creating a mood is an essential element of designing a room, and Houston-based designer Chandu’s Dodson Epley says that vivacious colors and fixtures can evoke a spa-like effect. You can create spa-like features in your bathroom by working with a designer to determine the best options.

Choose storage drawers for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials. A bath caddy will keep your toiletries organized and will also hold books or candles. A tall linen cabinet with open shelves is also a great way to maximize storage space. You can also install a built-in medicine cabinet. Using high-quality plush towels will also give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. You should look for towels with a higher thread count, which are more soft than other towels.

To create a spa-like bathroom, start with a color scheme that exudes purity, cleanliness, and brightness. For example, white is a great color choice for a bathroom. Use white paint on the walls and cabinets, and use white fixtures and towels throughout. If you have a wood floor, choose a tile floor, which separates different areas of the bathroom. Wood floors can also be protected from moisture by tile floors.

Another way to create a spa-like experience in a bathroom is to add a rain shower or a shower head. You can mount this on the ceiling or wall. Make sure that the speakers are waterproof and water-resistant. Bluetooth speakers can be a good option and are generally natural-looking. In addition, use calming color schemes. Soft blue and green accents are a great way to add visual interest and tranquility.


There are several ways to save money on bathroom renovations without sacrificing the style and feel of the space. You can paint the walls a different colour or use beautiful wallpaper. You can also recycle materials from other projects. In the case of this Missouri couple, they repurposed a marble slab that cost only $1 and etched glass mirror that cost $35.

A faux marble contact paper, like film, can be used to reduce the cost of your bathroom’s small powder room. This faux marble alternative to real marble is much cheaper and easier to use than a tile or stone countertop. It is heat-resistant, waterproof, and tear-resistant.

You can also opt for a more affordable flooring material, such as vinyl plank flooring or engineered wood. These materials are easy to install and tend to be moisture-resistant. These materials can be installed with glue and a nail gun. Engineered wood can be purchased for as low as $4-$7 per square foot. This is a great option for bathroom renovations.

In addition to changing the colors of your bathroom, you can also change the style of your fixtures and accessories. Changing your faucets and sinks may increase the cost of your bathroom renovation, but this is less expensive than a full-scale remodel. A bathroom designer melbourne can provide you with ideas on how to keep your costs down while still giving the space a new look.

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