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AWS Solution Architect Associate Vs. AWS Developer Associate

AWS eligibility requirements require both architects and developers to demonstrate an understanding of the AWS architecture. In addition to focusing on the development, management, and deployment of cloud-based applications, the associate-level certificates also emphasize cloud security. There is, however, a difference between AWS Developer and Architect certifications. What’s the difference? Taking the AWS developer certification exam will test your ability to write serverless code and use containers, intending to support your development efforts. Candidates for the AWS Developer certification must also be familiar with the AWS CLI, SDKs, and APIs(AWS Solution Architect Associate or AWS Developer Associate).

As part of a comparison of AWS Developer and AWS Architect, one notable difference is that the former requires knowledge of CI/CD pipelines. When writing code for the AWS Developer certification, you must also be familiar with cloud-native applications.

Nevertheless, the AWS Developer and AWS Architect certification exams share many elements. The knowledge of AWS services, the AWS global infrastructure, the critical features of AWS services, as well as best practices related to AWS security would be beneficial.

It is a very comprehensive certification, as far as the syllabus is concerned. In contrast, the exam outline for the AWS solution architect certification seems to be more generalized. It only covers the basic concepts of AWS, which can help you transition smoothly into the AWS ecosystem.

 Accordingly, the former offers a better chance for long-term career development compared to AWS Developer and AWS Architect. 

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Differences in Exam Details

First, the exam details are a clear indication of the differences between AWS Developer and AWS Architect. Many of the same characteristics exist in these two comparisons, though there are differences in test abilities. 

Exam format for AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer certifications are similar.

For certification exams, multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are common. There is a version of each certification exam available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. 

There is a registration fee of USD 150 for each exam, with each exam-taking 130 minutes to complete.

As a result, the AWS Developer and Solution Architect certifications require different qualifications. Candidates for the AWS solutions architect associate certification must demonstrate the following skills. 

  • Firstly, a comprehensive exhibition of in-depth knowledge on AWS technologies’ architecture, scalability, and security.
  • In addition, design solutions using architectural design guidelines regarding customer requirements.
  • The third step involves providing general implementation guidance on the best practices throughout a project’s lifecycle.

AWS Developer certification tests candidates’ abilities in the following areas.

 It is necessary to understand core AWS services, applications, and architectures.

Salary is an essential concept to all of us. Being able to do this is one of the most exciting aspects of our job. Before enrolling in AWS Certifications, you must look at salaries estimates. 

AWS Solution Architects typically earn $152,793 per year on average. 

As opposed to this, AWS Certified Developer Associate salaries average $123,838 a year.

This article describes precisely and comprehensively why AWS enjoys a high level of popularity in the market. The AWS platform also promotes a healthy job market within AWS. Successful candidates could therefore expect a high-paying job after completing an AWS certification. Explore your skills at AWS Training in Pune at 3RI Technologies.

According to some estimation,  Approximately $25,000 is the difference between the salaries of AWS Developers and Solution Architects.


Hand-pick the Right One!

In addition to considering the multiple factors, the interest and plans of the candidates regarding professional development are of paramount importance. Take a moment to scroll up and you will see that the AWS Architect role could offer you a better salary. However, the AWS Developer role could help you explore AWS consoles in greater depth. 

AWS Solution Architect is a better option even if it offers limited practical experience in application design, deployment, or management for a fresher. You’ll find the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification to be in demand. 

A Corner of Expertise

Ultimately, the discussion surrounding AWS Architect vs Developer certifications was crucial to a fresher’s AWS journey. There are many opportunities and responsibilities listed in the article that an aspiring candidate may be looking for(AWS Solution Architect Associate or AWS Developer Associate). 

According to this guide, It is possible to earn a lucrative salary by passing either certification exam. Determine your goals for obtaining AWS certification so that you may choose the exam that suits your needs. Hence, you can choose a course based on your interest and pursue becoming an AWS Certified Professional at AWS Online Training.

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