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Harry Ambrose

Harry Ambrose

Harry Ambrose, the marketing manager of a Cardiff-based Super Smile Dental, is widely regarded as a business and marketing expert. He is a customer experience and issues solver and enjoys new challenges and opportunities that might help the company's image and branding. By writing on extremely educational dentistry blogs, he shares his decades of experience with a larger audience.
  • Health and Fitnessinvisalign cost cardiff

    Why You Should Consider Invisalign For Your Teeth Issues?

    Crooked or misaligned teeth may hurt a person’s looks, in addition to causing a myriad of other problems, such as difficulty digesting food or speaking clearly. There are several methods available for straightening your teeth, but Invisalign is the one that is least noticeable since it does not need the use of wires or brackets. Invisalign is a new method…

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  • Health and Fitnesshygienist cardiff

    The importance of good dental hygiene

    Because of the construction of the human body, one region of the body might have an effect on other regions of the body. This can occur for a number of reasons. Consider the mouth and the teeth as an illustration. When you have issues with your teeth and gums, it’s possible that these issues can spread to other parts of…

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