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Yossi Levi

Yossi Levi

Yossi Levi is a senior Content Writer at Stonefly for 10+ years with an expertise in blogging & writing creative copies around Cyber Security, Cloud Storage & other technical stuffs. Born and brought up in United States, Yossi holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He has worked for all types of industries and holds an equal command on all types of technical writing. Besides his professional life, he is connected from the digital media in his free time he loves to binge-watch Netflix.
  • TechCloud Computing

    Top 10 Emerging Cloud Computing Trends to Watch In 2022

    The global pandemic has intensified the shift to virtualization. Between 2020-21 Cloud computing swept across nearly every industry or sector in the globe. The shift to remote working and cloud computing platforms is likely to increase in 2022 businesses are already adopting remote working in full-time mode. Enhancing the capabilities of cloud platforms through different technologies and tools will be the biggest…

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