Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leader in supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical and we established a good company profile. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies products to a high-status list of corporate and government projects, and has contributed to the creation of world class private and public infrastructure such as water and wastewater projects, airports, exhibition centers, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, universities and offices around the Middle East and GCC region.
  • Servicessolenoid valves

    Know everything about Solenoid valves

    When someone is into landscaping, he/she needs to spend time on the usage of valves. We are talking about solenoid valves. There is a lot of importance in using solenoid valves in the landscaping and irrigation arena. These valves are simple devices which ensure water flows only in one direction. Always try to go for the best quality solenoid valves…

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  • ServicesThe Big 5

    What all you need to know about smart locks?

    In recent years, people have become more “Smart” with the help of technology, so our security system has also gotten smart too. More and more people are into buying smart lock. These locks allow persons to enter a home or offer other access without the need for a traditional or physical key. Instead, the users can use their smartphones to…

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  • Servicescheck valve

    How do check valves operate and types of check valves?

    Check valves are important in oil and gas systems to prevent the spread of contaminants and to store natural resources. In general, check valves are devices that open and close slowly so that a small amount of water can flow through while the rest of the water is held back by the valve. What are check valves? Why are they…

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  • ServicesNon-return valves

    Installation and maintenance tips for non-return valves

    Not a single piping professional or expert can deny the importance of non-return valves. The water systems that need only the fluid to flow in one direction need to deploy non-return valves without which the particular fluid can flow in a backward direction and can have serious effects. Non-return valves allow fluids to easily flow only in one direction. Many…

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  • ServicesNeedle Control Valves

    Know everything about vital valves – needle control valves

    The importance of control valves stands strong, especially in potable water transmission and distribution systems. The control valves are ideal for manipulating the fluid flowing such as water, steam or other chemical compounds for compensating the load disturbance and keeping the whole regulating procedure variable as the desired set point. One of the most used control valves in water transmission…

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  • ServicesNon-rising Stem gate valve

    What all you need to know about non-rising stem gate valves

    To know about Non-rising Stem gate valves, we need to understand at first about gate valves. Gate valves are linear-motion valves operated manually which have circular or vertical rectangular discs which can slide across the opening for stopping the fluid flow which acts like the – “Gate”. Based on the stem, there are two types of gate valves – a)…

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  • ServicesRO membrane cleaning chemical

    Clean RO membranes with reverse osmosis chemicals

    You must know that in desalination plants, their performance depends highly on the reverse osmosis membranes. It is very important to keep the membranes in good operating conditions so that the plant can healthily operate and provide users with prolonged performance. For maintaining these membranes, RO membrane cleaning chemicals play a pivotal role that helps in reducing fouling, scaling and…

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  • ServicesACCC Conductor

    Know how ACCC conductors can be beneficial to users?

    The highly efficient and one of the best cool conductor aluminium conductor composite cores (ACCC) are designed to efficiently operate constantly at an elevated temperature. These conductors are used throughout the world due to the features it holds. If you are into reconductoring your existing lines,  ACCC conductors are your ideal choice and can boost the transmission capacity. Read this…

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  • ServicesEccentric plug valve

    Know about eccentric plug valves used in wastewater applications

    Plug valves are quarter-turn on-off valves. They are shaped like a cone or cylinder & can be internally rotated in the body of valves for controlling applications. Plug valves contain one or even more passageways to permit ease of fluid flow. There are different types of plug valves. Among them, eccentric plug valves are the most used ones for wastewater.…

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  • ServicesPhysical properties measurement

    What are the prominent reasons to study material science?

    The material science department is one of the important parts of the science department that deals with the discovery and design of various new materials, mainly solids. This field also commonly known as materials science and engineering emphasizes the usage of physics subjects for describing the properties of the material. Material science is an important field of study and is…

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