An Ultimate Debate: Herbal Hair Color VS Chemical Hair Color

This debate has been going on for way too long, whether you are a teenager, slowly taking baby steps into the grey hair community, or is a fully grey-haired person, then we are settling this debate of Herbal Hair Color VS Chemical Hair Color once and for all. This depends on a lot of factors such as time, money, the desired color, your hair type or texture, and the type of hair color you would use. You should absolutely color your hair once in your lifetime because the amount of extra personality it adds to your personality along with a little bit of color to your life (no pun intended here!) is just flawless when done correctly.

It is very crucial to know what and how you will go about with your hair color products, do research and select the best method for you and your hair, keeping in mind the amount of damage your hair and pocket will sustain. Sustainable is the way to go and that is where the organic dye comes to play, they are semi-permanent because they consist of 100% organic ingredients and don’t have the property to penetrate your hair shaft completely, giving just a tint to your strands. Through this, your purpose of hair color is fulfilled while keeping the health of your tresses in check. Whereas chemical ones are loaded with hazardous chemicals already and then you might have to bleach your hair before in some cases. Which one would you prefer?

Herbal Hair Color VS Chemical Hair Color

Herbal Hair Color

  • It is said- Never to judge a book by its cover but here, we urge you to judge the product by its name because the name itself suggests that. Yes, herbal means purely made out of the flora and fauna which are comparatively very safe for your hair than chemicals ones.
  • With that being said, watch out for 100% herbal content as a lot of companies just claim to be herbal but are honestly mixed with a couple of chemicals. Read the ingredient list very carefully and then make a choice. We are one of those companies that sell Herbal hair color sans those toxic chemicals because we are true to what we advertise and they are highly effective.
  • They won’t penetrate your hair shaft as it is herbal and the shaft is where the composition of hair color products changes. Color stops at your outer layer of hair strand so you have to reapply.
  • Here, you have to be consistent with the application or hair color sittings which may be time-consuming.
  • Think about it, if a product is made strictly from plants, you are also getting minerals, and vitamins along with a basket full of nourishment, conditioning, and healthy hair from the benefits of herbal hair color  That is why a lot of older generations use henna hair color for their greys or simply just for nourishment because henna is literally one of the purest stuff for your hair.

Chemical Hair Color

  • Again, with the name itself! It admits chemicals are being used, why would you want to deliberately spoil your hair? They contain synthetic components like ammonia, PPD, hydrogen peroxide, resorcinol, aminophenol, and many more. Kindly remember those chemistry lab experiments you have done back in the days, yes just that.
  • They do penetrate your hair shaft as it is more of permanent color and the composition of hair color stays here. It stays for a longer period, you don’t have to reapply.
  • If the percentage of these toxic chemicals changes there may be a chance of severe burn from bleach, irritation, itching, or even cancer.
  • They might have some prolonged and serious problems you might face during and after your hair appointment.
  • The hair market is just aiming for bulk production, fast results and shamelessly trying to make money by fooling the audience which in turn makes them increase the percentage of chemicals a little higher but within limits. It gives you instant results and you are happy then and there. After a few days, the reality hits you.

Are you able to distinguish and make a better and sustainable choice for your precious hair?

Colour Your Hair With Our Herbal Hair Color

Our herbal hair color are absolutely chemical-free. It has no PPD, no ammonia & no peroxide. After reading the whole blog, if you are thinking of switching from chemicals, then you are the target customer for us. It is a henna hair color. Now with our herb-based product, they will get the advantage of conditioner as well.

If you’re looking for chemical-free hair colors that will cover grays, strengthen your hair, and add shine, this is the best product for you. Our herbal hair color are perfect for those who are looking for natural yet effective hair color.

KEO is a leading natural and herbal color manufacturer and exporter of supplying an extensive selection of the finest grade henna and hair coloring products. Our products are highly tested on diverse parameters to make sure that they are safe.

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