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All-Natural Artisan has been called the authentic deal by bloggers and consumers alike. This Jersey-based kratom vendor is famous for its sophisticated catalog, industrial-grade website, and magnificent collection of kratom strains.

The popularity of its powder is just one of the things that have kept customers coming back for more. All-Natural Artisan has a lot of things to offer, including kratom capsules and kratom extracts.

All-Natural Artisan Review:

Wall Township, NJ, a cozy municipality in the New York Metropolitan area. The area lines up with historic row houses. This might sound to you like an unlikely place for the manufacturing of kratom powder. But the reason is the removal of this vendor from the cloistered residences of the township proper.

The company’s headquarters are situated off of Route 138. This open road leads to the company’s spacious facility. All Natural Artisan is located at 316 Love Ln. Here, it regularly manufactures and distributes teas, seeds, and much more.

This vendor’s goal is to curate the highest quality goods, the earth has to offer at the best possible price. To find out whether they succeed in this goal, you’ll want to read the following post.

All Natural Artisan Product Line:

At first sight, you may think All Natural Artisan is little more than another basic kratom vendor. But if you focus for a moment, you will quickly see that this East coast brand is one of the most diverse ones on the market.

As compared to so many of its direct competitors, All Natural Artisan can carry live kratom plants. This vendor stocks Sacred Cacti cuttings and seedlings, as well as Blue Lotus flower, kava products, and other ethnobotanicals.

All Natural Artisan Top Kratom Powders:

Raw kratom powder is the right choice for the DIY enthusiast. Kratom powder typically comes as a fine flour-like substance. You can sprinkle this powder-like substance on food or mix it into a smoothie.  One can also add it to hot water with honey to enjoy a smooth cup of kratom tea. This vendor’s Artisan’s Select line is lab-tested and sterilized. It is ultra-refined for a texture as velvety as powdered sugar.

All Natural Artisan currently offers more than twenty unique kratom strains, including Super Green Malay, Green Goddess Blend, Premium Artisan Amber Bali, Premium Plantation Maeng Da, Premium White Bali, Enhanced Green Balance Blend, Enhanced Red Relief Blend, Premium Green Thai, and Premium Red Bali.

All Natural Artisan’s powders start at $3.15 for mid-grade strains, with premium powders going for $4 for twenty-five grams. 12 bucks will get you one hundred grams, while $45 will get you a half kg (500 grams). Kratom kilos vary in price from as little as $71.20 to $91 for enhanced powders. These are some exceptional prices by industry standards.

All Natural Artisan Best Kratom Strain:

The top strain in the collection of this seller is Green Hulu Kapuas Crushed Leaf so far. Arguably the strongest of its green vein kratom powders, this crushed leaf variant may be a viable daytime brew.

Green Kapuas gets much of its strength from its particular alkaloid profile. This green vein contains a wide range of indole alkaloids.  But it is dominant over the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine, as well as 7-acetoxy mitragynine, corynanthidine, and Mitra online.

Many in the online kratom forum community have called Green Hulu Kapuas an enjoyable example of the Ayurvedic herb. One user wrote, “Green Hulu is my most favorite green vein strain at the moment, great choice.” On the other hand, many have complained that it is too much for their sensibilities. As always, opinions will vary from person to person. For our money, Green Kapuas is among the top kratom powders in the world.

All Natural Artisan Kratom Capsules:

Encapsulated kratom is an excellent choice for those with stomach issues or busy schedules. They mask kratom’s natural bitterness and make it easy to choke down a full dose. We suggest bringing kratom capsules with you when you’re on the go. It is a lot easier than walking around with a jar full of raw powder, a measuring spoon, and a digital scale.

All Natural Artisan offers 600mg kratom capsules in a variety of sizes. You can pick up a 30-count bottle for as low as $5.00, a 100-count for $15.00, a 500-count for $60.00, or a 1000-count for $100.00.

All Natural Artisan Kratom Extracts:

Because of the high concentration of Mitragynine, Kratom extracts are favored by many longtime kratom enthusiasts. The most common methods by which manufacturers create kratom extracts are water or alcohol-based solutions.  All Natural Artisan harnesses cutting-edge technology to produce its versatile line of kratom extracts.

These extracts include the Artisan’s Select Amber Kratom Extract Powder. At just five to six percent Mitragynine, this light powder is optimized for first-time users. While its other extracts contain as many as 110 milligrams of Mitragynine.

You can choose between potent liquid kratom shots, such as the new Liquid Gold Full Spectrum Liquid, or powder-based options like the Premium Platinum Powder.

All Natural Artisan Green Demigoddess Kratom Extract Capsules and All Natural Artisan Enhanced Red Relief Blend 2.5x are among their bestsellers.

The following are our top picks for All Natural Artisan’s best kratom extracts:

  • Enhanced Sun Warrior Blend 2.5x (White Blend)
  • Big Kahuna Kratom Extract Capsules

These two notable variants may not be the most budget-friendly, but they are head and shoulders above your average smoke shop offering. Big Kahuna is a 75mg Mitragynine extract, which comes in five or 30 packs.

Our pick for the best daytime stack is Enhanced Sun Warrior Blend. It is smooth and aromatic. The taste is far more pleasant than most commercial extracts. As white veins go, “Enhanced Sun Warrior Blend” is at the top of the heap.

Both of the aforementioned extracts start at a low price of $14 for a five-pack, with a 30-pack selling for $90.00.

Extract prices vary, depending on whether you opt for a liquid kratom extract or an enhanced powder. The average price point is just four dollars for a single gram of 10% Mitragynine powder.

What’s It Going to Cost Me?

You can get a starter bag of twenty-five grams of raw kratom powder for as little as three dollars and fifteen cents. The real draw here is the bulk kratom pricing, with kilos selling for around $81 on average.

This is well below the industry average of $120-150.00. It becomes clear that All Natural Artisans are being fair about their markup as compared to what the natives of Southeast Asia would charge. Concerning price alone, this vendor has fulfilled its goal of providing high quality at a great price.

Shipping & Returns:

Regular customers enjoy kratom same-day shipping. On the other hand, newcomers paying by eCheck can expect a wait time of three business days for their payment to be processed.

This vendor believes that businesses need to be held accountable for selling any substandard products. That is why, they happily accept a return on items in case of any customer in-satisfaction.

We give top priority to returns and deliver the response in a timely fashion. Moreover, consumers get the option to either replace the item or take a refund.

All Natural Artisan Payment Methods

The vendor provides potential customers with a plethora of payment options, including Bitcoin, cash, CashApp, eCheck, ETH (Ethereum), money order, cashier’s check, credit card, debit card, USDC (USDcoin), and wire transfer.

You can also inquire about alternative payment methods, as this seller is regularly adding options for consumer convenience.

All Natural Artisan Coupon – Promo Codes & Other Deals:

You can find Coupon codes and other benefits on the All Natural Artisan’s Announcements and Sales Coupons page. In fact, they regularly update the page to inform return customers about upcoming specials.

Drop in to find out when your favorite strains go on sale. You will also learn about the newest additions to their collection, such as CBD hemp flowers, live plants, etc.

All Natural Artisan Consumer Reputation:

Reddit posts have been largely positive, with one user writing, “I just got my Plantation Maeng Da order from them and the service is great. Quick shipping. The kratom is some of the best I have had.”

Another happy user wrote, “One of the best small vendors out there. Never been disappointed, but I would not [encourage others to] buy cause that leaves less for me.”

Elsewhere, a member said, “I typically don’t write reviews about anything unless whatever I’m reviewing blows me away. Maybe I’ve just been buying from the wrong vendors, but All Natural Artisan is the cheapest and highest quality vendor I’ve bought from.”

Closing Thoughts:

In summary, All Natural Artisan is a small but sophisticated East coast operation. Its prices are affordable, variety is formidable, and its staff puts its customers first.

If you are looking for an economy brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability, All Natural Artisan is the perfect vendor for you.

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