According to six experts, these are the most popular flowers of the year to come in 2022.

Flowers arrangements can do a lot to spruce up a place. Even while houseplants and other greenery may have the same effect, there’s something about a fresh arrangement of flowers that elevates one’s spirits immediately. There are some new—and some not so new—types and colors that we believe warrant your attention, even though most individuals have their go-to varieties and hues.

Species from the tropics

If you live in an area where it’s still a little chilly out (and even if you don’t), there are ways to bring a tropical vibe into your home using tropical-inspired stems. Florist and Oat Cinnamon creator Ryan Norville thinks that tropical types will be in high demand this year. 

Founder of Floriconvento Flowers Emily Scott also expects to see a lot of heliconia this year. As far as she knows, it’s a great attraction because of its dynamic, extraterrestrial-looking design and its vibrant colors of yellow, orange, pink, and red. Emily notes that “as floral styles have gotten more unorthodox, they have become more fashionable.” As a result, people are focusing on asymmetry, generating depth, toying with lines, and unexpected juxtapositions rather than conventional, compact style compositions.” Heliconias have all of the features listed above. “It’s both adaptable and distinct.”

Florals that are both neutral and boho in style.

Pampas grass in large vases has been making an appearance on Instagram more often than ever before. This decorative grass is expected to last at least another year, according to owner Iitaka Oldwine-Grimble of Olivine Florals. According to her, the main reason people like it so much is how long it lasts. “I believe that the boohoo-chic style is still popular, and it works well in any setting,” says the author. Dried ruckus from Italy is another example of a flower that fits into the contemporary and minimalist look that people are attracted to, she adds.

Retro-styled flower stems

Carnations used to seen as a divisive flower. As far as first dates go, Charlotte isn’t happy about getting a bouquet of the stems on season six of Sex and the City. They were “filler flowers” to her, and she knew it would be bad. Carnations are making a return, as Carrie anticipates later in the novel. They’ve also given a facelift, as is customary with most comebacks.

Bloom & Plume’s creative artist, Maurice Harris, says, “There are a few firms out there who are doing very amazing things with how you color carnations.” People call them “party carnations” because of their many surreal color schemes. “Some look like denim because they’re dark-blue and white on the tips. Others look like bubble gum because they’re mostly white with a tiny bit of pink on the tops. And yet others are orange.” No matter how psychedelically colored, Maurice finds the carnation stem to have a lovely undertone. Unlike a rose or an anthurium, its head is smaller, and its scales blend in seamlessly, according to him. In our epic arrangements, “I find it to be a really great transitional stem.”

Ritika is also hoping for a revival for the carnation. From coral to burnt sienna, she’s seen a variety of odd and unusual compositions with the colored varieties. Another flower from the past that she expects people to associate with fond memories is baby breath.

Lots and lots of different shades of color

Romy St. Clair and Iona Scott-Mathieson, the proprietors of Sage Flowers, point out that marigolds, an important flower in many cultures throughout the globe, are making a big comeback in the floral industry. Marigold kinds that are so brilliant they’re nearly fluorescent are now in fashion in floristry, they say. Not only do they taste great, but they are also said to keep pests away from nearby tomato plants.

According to Maurice, in the year 2022, people will care less about the flowers themselves and more about what they do with them. As a result of seeing how other people utilize flowers, “I believe we, as a society, have gotten more open-minded about different flowers. Now, it’s more about how we push the limits while still keeping things sophisticated.”

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