A Brief Overview On AQL Sampling

“AQL Sampling is an important factor in product testing process. Read this blog to know more in detail”.

Nowadays, where products are bought and sold overseas, inspection agency in India plays an important role in inspecting the goods which are going to deliver to the buyer. In the case of a large number of goods, the inspector can’t examine them all at once. The question arises in the buyer’s mind as to how many units are sufficient to inspect that will represent the whole ordered goods by the inspector. Hence the term “AQL” comes concerning quality control.

What is AQL?

‘AQL’ refers to ‘Acceptance Quality Limit’. It sets the acceptable quality of products inspected by an inspection agency in India. It helps in deciding the sampling size essential for inspection according to the number of goods ordered by the buyer. AQL also defines the highest number of acceptable defects from the total quantity of ordered goods.

For effectively inspecting order, random sampling is the best option. Picking the smaller portion of goods from the whole quantity ordered will help in providing a significant result. There are several ways of sampling but the one who knows statistics knows that AQL is the best method of all.

Benefits of AQL Sampling

Save inspection Time- inspection of every single unit may give better transparency as well as control quality but it’s quite time-consuming to check a single unit. The inspector of any third party inspection service in India has to complete their inspection according to the deadline and checking a single unit also delays the production process. Conducting the AQL technique saves the time of inspection.

Cost-effective- the inspector charges a heavy amount for their inspection. Their amount depends on the number of hours or days they spend in the factory for quality checking. The inspection of a single unit will increase the cost of QC staff. Hence AQL technique is beneficial. Hire the AQL inspector from a well-known company as they save cost and time for the buyer.

Clear result– AQL sampling is done by using statistical calculation. Hence it produces a clear and simple understanding result comparing another method of sampling. It gives the defects limitation number from the total unit of goods. Inspection results come to fail when the defect limitation Exceeds. So it’s become easy to decide whether to go with the product or not.

Flexible method- AQL sampling method is highly flexible. It allows the inspector to set the quality tolerance level as per their wants. The buyer may change the quality tolerance limit if he is not satisfied with the result of the last inspection. Applying this method of sampling gives flexibility in the inspection of goods. 

Drawbacks of AQL Sampling 

Time constraint- sometimes using AQL sampling takes more than the allotted time. The dealing of shipping is essential to follow and the inspector has to work accordingly. It’s become difficult to complete the inspection in the assigned time. 

Inspection cost- hiring AQL inspectors from reputed companies charges more for their work. You have to pay a great sum of money for their services. It increases the overall factor cost directly. 


Accepting AQL sampling techniques is beneficial as the importer gets assured about the quality of the product he got. This is the reason why most of the third party inspection services in India go with the AQL method.

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