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A Brief Guide on Polkadot (DOT)

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets gaining popularity around the world. Countries such as Australia are exploring new methods to incorporate it for the overall development of economic and other related fronts. The latest form of cryptocurrency introduced is Polkadot (DOT). If you want to invest your savings or money in crypto markets, research the DOT to AUD value appropriately beforehand. It can be a great source of gaining higher returns. Do you want to learn more about the Polkadot? Then continue reading(Bit Coin)!

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What is Polkadot? 

Polkadot is a professionally designed protocol that can connect blockchains. It can allow value and data transportation across incompatible crypto networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Polkadot is a fast and scalable currency that can help you gain expected returns for an appropriate investment. One can easily buy the DOT through several exchange platforms. 

DOT allows communication between the unrelated blockchains to flow their value without any other party’s involvement. 

The two primary functions of DOT are: 

  • It is a governance token that allows the investors to participate and give opinions on the protocol’s future. 
  • DOT cryptocurrency is used for staking through verified transactions. 

What is the Structure of Polkadot? 

The Polkadot network is vast and consists of the leading blockchain known as the relay chain. Many other user-related chains or parallel chains are also associated with it. Similar chains are also known as parachains. In addition, the DOT from cryptocurrency contains a connecting layer that allows the data to transfer between the blockchains. The connecting layer can also be used to communicate with the non-blockchain databases. 

How Does the Polkadot Cryptocurrency Work? 

The DOT currency can work efficiently due to the presence of several parachains. It is one of the fastest growing, working cryptocurrencies as the network of Polkadot can efficiently process more than 1,000 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. With increases in the web of chains, the speed of DOT increases exponentially. 

History of Polkadot 

Dr Gravin Wood invented the Polkadot cryptocurrency, which is also the brainchild of Ethereum and an investor of the Solidity smart contract language. The DOT technology was released in October 2016. 

In 2017, Dr Wood with Parity Peter Cazban laid the foundation of the Web3 Foundation. It is non-profit research established to develop this crypto and its related aspects. 

How to Purchase Polkadot? 

One can buy DOT currency from exchange platforms in online mode. Below are detailed steps provided that can help you in the process. It is as follows: 

Start by selecting a cryptocurrency exchange 

If you are new to this, you can take advice from professionals to choose a reliable and easy-to-use platform to purchase the cryptocurrency according to your requirements. 

Create an account on the platform you choose 

To get started with cryptocurrency investments, provide your details, such as name, photo ID proofs, etc. 

Submit your order 

Once you have opened your crypto account, the next step is to order the Polkadot. You can fund your cryptocurrency by linking your bank account or providing debit or credit card details. 


Once you are a crypto investor, storage is your responsibility. There are several options that you can try for storage. They are as follows: 

  • Crypto exchanges 
  • Software wallet
  • Paper wallet
  • Hard wallet 


This article discusses the Polkadot cryptocurrency in detail, and aspects related to it, such as DOT to AUD conversion, history, investing methods, etc., that can help you in the process. So if you have decided to invest your money, the information above can greatly help you. The goal is to do ample research before getting started. 

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