7 Steps to Remove Concrete the Right Way

Concrete is an excellent material for both residential and commercial structures. It’s strong, durable, and renders a premium finish. However, there comes a time when even the mightiest fall. So, if concrete on the patio, pool, or other place shows signs of breakage, cracks, or flaking, realize it’s time to remove it.

Concrete removal in Melbourne or elsewhere is a tricky job. There are more probabilities of things going berserk even with the slightest mistake. Therefore, always consult a professional concrete removal service to eliminate concrete from the site without any casualties.

Here is a peep into the process of Concrete Removal in Melbourne to understand its gravity.

Access the Area

Before the actual process of concrete removal in Melbourne, the contractors thoroughly scan the area. It gives them an understanding of the size and depth of the concrete slabs. This will help them evaluate the time required to complete the project and determine the right tools. 

If it’s a small pool removal in Melbourne, the time taken will be shorter than that of a driveway. Similarly, for the small area, the contractors may not need power tools like a jackhammer, but smaller devices will work efficiently.

Choose the Right Tools

Working with the right tools is extremely important while tearing apart concrete slabs. If you have accurate tools, you can get precision in the tasks. Many tools are equally good; however, choosing the right one will provide the best results. 

Some essential tools to incorporate into concrete removal in Melbourne or elsewhere are-

  • Bolt cutters
  • Pry bar
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Safety gear like glasses, gloves, and hearing protection
  • Wheelbarrow

Concrete removalists use other large tools, such as Jackhammer, Sledgehammers, and Chipping Hammer, to acquire precision in their jobs. Both the Jackhammer and Sledgehammer are helpful in removing concrete from large areas with a depth of more than a few inches. However, the Chippinghammer is a lightweight tool for tight spaces.

Create a Safe Zone

It’s crucial to ensure the optimum safety of people and property when considering pool removal in Melbourne. During the process, concrete can splatter everywhere, causing damage to the property. Similarly, when the concrete mixes with the environment, it can get into the human body and cause health hazards. When we hire professionals  for concrete removal in Melbourne or elsewhere, they will take adequate precautions to prevent concrete from harming the surroundings, ensuring a safe procedure.

Cut the Wiring

It may seem absurd, but there can be wires in your concrete slabs. The concrete contractors do reinforce steel when pouring the concrete mixture into slabs. There can also be wirings to maintain the temperature of the building. Therefore, it’s crucial to disconnect the wires and steel rods before proceeding with concrete removal in Melbourne.

Find the Gaps in Concrete

If you remove the concrete from the site due to cracks, it’s easier to pull it apart by prying the breakage. Concrete removalists have a keen look into the surface of the slab to evaluate the gaps and find the right intersection. When there is a small area where the slab edges and cracks come together, they try to use the demolition tool to pull the concrete.

Pull Apart the Concrete 

The workers begin by using the pointed tip of the pry bar to loosen the concrete slab. They insert the tool right into the bottom and slowly lift the concrete. There is a requirement for power tools at this stage, as it’s not as easy to remove the concrete slabs manually. 

The usage of safety equipment such as rubber gloves, glasses, and hearing protection aid is extremely useful here. It will ensure the well-being of workers performing concrete removal in Melbourne or elsewhere.

Take Care of Recycling

The biggest hurdle of concrete removal is finding ways to dispose of the remnants. When we work with a concrete removal company, they offer recycling services, meaning they will take away the waste and use it in other ways. 

In a Nutshell

Concrete removal in Melbourne or elsewhere isn’t a DIY job. It requires well-experienced professionals to perform the deed by ensuring the safety of everyone present. Therefore always connect with an adept team of concrete removalists even if you need to eliminate concrete from a small area.

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