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7 Reasons to Start Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar every day for about three months now, and I’m happy to report that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory. There are tons of benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) that go beyond weight loss and digestion! Here are some of the top reasons why you should start drinking ACV every day.

Helps balance your blood sugar

Diabetics and others prone to insulin spikes may benefit from apple cider vinegar’s ability to help stabilize blood sugar. It does so by improving your body’s response to insulin, which is responsible for removing excess sugar from your bloodstream. In turn, ACV can help lower both your total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Kills bad bacteria

Helping with digestion is one of apple cider vinegar’s biggest benefits, but that’s not all it can do. ACV may also help control bacteria in your mouth and stomach by breaking down proteins and killing some of them—and bad bacteria can lead to food allergies and other digestive problems. Some studies have also shown ACV may reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. By keeping a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, you can improve digestion and lessen inflammation throughout your body. And if you regularly deal with heartburn or indigestion, adding apple cider vinegar might be able to help calm your tummy troubles so you don’t feel like you have to stay in bed all day.

The combination of lemon juice and ivermectin: Because we already know how effective ivermectin is at eliminating bad bacteria from our bodies, why not take things up a notch? This unique combination could provide even more powerful results when used together.

Prevents water retention

One of ACV’s most well-known benefits is as a natural diuretic. The acids and enzymes in apple cider vinegar are highly effective at flushing excess water from your body. Which can have beneficial effects on blood pressure and other health markers. Some research suggests that drinking one or two tablespoons of ACV in water twice daily can lower blood pressure. Up to 10 points (great news for anyone who suffers from hypertension). If you already have normal blood pressure levels, ACV might not be able to lower them further. But drinking it could help prevent future hypertension-related health problems.

Helps lose weight

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss. One animal study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry revealed that both obese and lean mice given ACV over four weeks had less body fat than those not given ACV. It’s thought that acetic acid (ACV’s main ingredient) can block fat production and encourage your body to burn existing fat stores instead. Findings suggest that ACV may help increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which results in lower blood sugar levels.

Protects against acne and skin issues

Many acne sufferers struggle with facial skin that’s too oily. Oily skin is often not just uncomfortable but also prone to developing blackheads and pimples. By drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water once or twice daily, you can naturally get rid of excess oil on your face without suffering through harsh acne treatments. Furthermore, drinking ACV has been shown to help with hyperpigmentation issues. Like melisma, a condition that results in blotchy patches on your face caused by hormonal changes and stress.

Balances your body’s pH levels

The average American diet is way too acidic, and that acidity is wreaking havoc on our health. The pH scale goes from 0–to 14, with 7 being neutral; a higher number means you’re more alkaline and a lower number means you’re more acidic. Ideally, your body should be slightly alkaline at around 7.3–7.5 (based on a blood test). If your body is too acidic (with a pH below 7), that can increase your risk of developing osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, and even cancer. But not to worry—you can quickly rebalance your pH levels by taking some apple cider vinegar.

Alkalizes your body

Drinking apple cider vinegar can help balance your body’s pH levels. Which is necessary for overall health. The Mayo Clinic recommends eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Which contain both malic acid and ascorbic acid. Acids that help with alkalization. Those who practice an alkaline diet believe that an overly acidic body makes it easier for cancer cells to spread through your body. To find out more about how pH levels affect your health, take a look at my previous story: Is Your Body Too Acidic? Ways to Balance your pH Levels Naturally.

The natural compounds in orange juice are considered alkaline and promote a healthy pH balance in your body. Drinking lots of apple cider vinegar can help. But it may be helpful to also incorporate citrus fruits into your diet. If you need to Buy ivermectin online, you should be aware that some versions will have added additives or preservatives, so it’s important to purchase a reputable brand.


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