6 Ways to Optimize Your Content & Maximize Social Media Shares

Social Media Shares

Optimize Content serves different goals although, in the world of social media, the maximizing of shares takes the leading place. Today, engagement rate is one of the key metrics that determine the popularity and effectiveness of the blog. Content share is a trigger for a successful content marketing strategy. Social media can attract relevant traffic, boost blog SEO Hamburg and perform a function of an advertisement platform. Besides, social media sharing involves deep feelings: a person will never share a post unless it resonates with their emotions or concerns. That is why the mastery of storytelling is so appreciated by marketing managers and supervisors.

How to reach the audience

A blogger or a content creator should understand how to reach the audience and make it check the blog regularly. They should know what bothers the audience, what makes visitors smile, and what causes negativity. Moreover, it is necessary to get a comprehension of the topics that are ignored by the audience. A content creator should be in a permanent search of ideas to strengthen the reach to the audience and find ways to influence the audience’s emotions and motivations.

According to Trey Pennington, in order to understand the psychology of online sharers, it is important to understand basic human needs. These needs are the need to be heard, the need to be understood, the need to matter, and the need to be emancipated. Remember about these 4 needs when you create content and it will be easier for you to write a post that will get better engagement.

What you should do to Optimize Content

If you want to maximize social media shares of your content, follow these 6 ways. All of them contribute to the Optimize Content and benefit social engagement.

1) Improve your visuals

In the 21st century, the content should be as interactive as possible. To reach a wider audience, a content creator should include visual elements in the text field. It has been estimated that people pay more attention to the information that is emphasized with images. Of course, visuals should include not only pictures but also other elements. Video content is perhaps one of the most engaging types of visual content. It is equally effective for educational and informative blogs, works perfectly for news portals, and can increase leads for online shops.

Images and videos may not be enough for the creation of effective visual content. Infographics and presentations can enhance the way you provide information to your readers significantly.

2) Tag your posts

If you want to reach a bigger audience and attract new visitors, do not forget to tag your posts. Tags assist in getting more relevant traffic to your blog, thus, there are more chances that a person who finds your post will share it. Of course, tags should include only the keywords that are relevant to the subject of your post. Otherwise, the generated traffic will not bring you the desired results. Moreover, your blog may suffer penalties if you add irrelevant tags to your posts. Additionally, you should check meta tags that also affect the search and the accessibility of information to the users.

3) Be social

Generating more shares requires a content creator to be social. A post should never be impersonal. Modern readers want a personal experience, even if you write on the behalf of the brand. To introduce the social approach to your blog, pay special attention to the headers and titles, check the tone of your post,  change it to more conversational, and add more pronouns to represent your own point of view.

4) Use the power of social influence

Leaders change minds and behaviors. Using their power in your blog, you can actually change the behavior of your readers and make them share your posts. Besides, this is one of the least complicated methods that can be quite inspiring for content generation. You can add quotes or even use someone else’s idea for your personal analysis and build your own investigation on the basis of these ideas.

5) Make it different

Unique content is the most valuable thing in the online world. The information spreads quickly, and the one who catches the first wave can make it count for the blog. That is why a content creator should always stay in touch with up-to-date information and define the materials that are the most suitable for the audience. Besides, they need to find a way to present information in a different way that makes it stand out from the rest.

Nevertheless, making the content interesting and unique is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It must not only be well-written, useful, and interesting to the reader, it should be also well proofread.

Very often, the authors just do not have time for it, but all the same, do not leave this question unanswered. Many bloggers do not realize how much it is important, and that is why to fail. After all, who wants to read incoherent sentences or text with typos? So if for some reason you do not, you can contact a proofreading service that will help you with this. This will help you save time and attract readers to your blog.

Maximize Social Media Shares

6) Connect your social media to your blog

A rationalization is a strong tool for reaching your marketing goals. It also significantly affects the number of shares. The matter is that people share information when they trust the author. And we trust a person when we know at least something about them. The easiest way to introduce yourself online is to connect your social accounts to the blog.

Optimization of your blog Optimize Content is a permanent process that requires a lot of effort and attention. Besides, you need to perform regular analyses and tests to define the best working methods for your social media shares. These efforts are worth the result. The social shares rate will increase if you create a proper strategy and follow it.

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