5 Types of Hand Trucks Delivery Drivers Need

Your delivery drivers have demanding jobs. Depending on what kind of products they deliver, they might need to do a team lift or move multiple boxes or items to a customer’s porch or inside their home. Equipping your delivery drivers with specialized hand trucks built for specific tasks can help them get these jobs done faster, easier, and more efficiently. Here are some of the different types of hand carts your drivers might need.

Classic Hand Trucks

Classic hand trucks can help your delivery drivers move more boxes in less time. Stacking boxes or other items and moving them with a hand truck is easy. They are simple to use, reliable, and can help keep your delivery drivers safe. It’s much harder to trip or strain your back when using a hand truck than when trying to carry multiple boxes by hand. With a lightweight, aluminum hand truck, your employee can make multiple trips with more items and less of a chance of injury. Be sure to look for companies that allow you to customize hand trucks. You can choose the right wheels, nose plate, and add additional features based on your unique business needs.

Convertible Hand Trucks

A convertible hand truck is ideal when you need to equip your delivery drivers with a versatile material handling solution. The convertible hand truck starts as a classic, vertical hand truck. It can quickly transform into a horizontal hand cart in four wheel mode. This makes it ideal for oddly shaped items or boxes. It also enables your delivery driver to move more boxes at once. It’s the ultimate in versatility for deliveries. When the delivery is done, it quickly changes back to an upright position for storage or use as a classic hand truck.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

While the classic hand truck is excellent for moving smaller objects, it does have a weight limit. Heavy duty hand trucks have a higher weight limit, which makes them the natural choice for delivering larger items and appliances. You can find heavy duty hand trucks with optional accessories, including side wings for wider loads and a ratchet strap to keep the item in place. Equip your delivery drivers with a heavy duty hand truck if they regularly deliver large appliances or furniture. They will no longer need to do a team lift to deliver the heavy objects, freeing up another employee for other tasks.

Powered Stair Climbing Dollies

Stairs can pose a problem for delivery drivers. They can encounter them when moving an item to the third floor of an apartment building or the basement. In any case, having a powered stair climbing hand truck can make moving items up and down stairs far easier. These hand carts use a motorized stair climbing action to do most of the work. Your delivery driver only has to focus on staying in an ergonomic position.

Power Lifting Hand Trucks

Some deliveries include round items such as kegs. There are dollies that will make moving kegs much easier for your delivery drivers. Power lifting hand carts feature a power lifting action. Your delivery driver can set the keg, paint can, or other items on the lifting plate. From there, the hand truck acts as a classic hand truck until your delivery driver arrives at the delivery location. The power lifting hand truck can lift the item up to a comfortable working height. This makes it easier to deliver without bending down.

About Magline

For 75 years, the Magliner brand has stood for dependable quality in the material handling industry. Magliner sets the standard for reliability and convenience among material handlers. Every day, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and other professionals rely on Magliner hand trucks to do their jobs safely and efficiently. The classic Magliner hand truck is the cornerstone of the lineup, and Magliner offers further customizability through their Design Your Own program. Other highly useful Magliner products include a powered hand truck series, powered lifting hand trucks, and material handling accessories. When your employees need to move, lift, or deliver items, put your trust in Magliner tools to help get the job done safely and efficiently.

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