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5 THINGS TO DO IN BHIMTAL & Best Luxury Resort

Best resort in jim corbett - Bhimtal

If you’re looking for an offbeat adventure in the hills, you’ve come to the right place to read all about it. Earlier, Bhimtal used to be one of the many peaks of Nainital-centric vacations, but in recent times, the town has carved its own niche, attracting tourists who like to enjoy a scenic stay away from the hustle and bustle. One of the Best resorts in Bhimtal Uttarakhand is The Royal Court Ananta Express. It is located a short distance from Graphic Era University. The hotel offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for a peaceful stay in the lap of nature. It houses a cozy Bhimtal Café, an elegant conference room and a state-of-the-art fitness center to provide guests with the best there is! At the same time, the unusual location does not limit you in the number of activities that you can plan at the hotel. The property is conveniently located at a convenient distance from prominent tourist spots and tourist centers and here are the top 5 recommended things to do in Bhimtal.


Bhimtal Lake is a picturesque place that attracts tourists throughout the year, it is the largest of all the lakes in the Kumaon region and is also our personal favorite. From pedal boats and refreshing dips in the lake to angling (fishing) and kayaking, there are plenty of things to do at Bhimtal Lake. Feel the frequent cool breezes on your face as they rock you as you caress the calm waters of the vast lake on which you so gently float. Kayaking is the best way to explore this beautiful lake. You can also choose to sit and gaze at the natural beauty at a cafe in Bhimtal. For those who don’t mind a short trek, there are a number of scenic picnic spots around the lake that make for a perfect day trip.

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Starscapes observatory is an open air public observatory located in Bhimtal under clear skies. It is an ideal place for those interested in interstellar motions, astronomy and celestial bodies, so it is extremely interesting, especially for children. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at one of the Best Resort in Bhimtal Uttarkhand and book tickets for the Starscapes observatory for later in the day. During the day, you can observe the Sun and study its surface through special solar filters while observing the Sun, or gaze at the sparkling night sky as you learn about the stars and constellations and admire the magnificence of Saturn. rings. It is a magical experience to see the moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae and many other interesting celestial bodies through their state-of-the-art telescope.


Hidimba Parvat is a beautiful green hill located at a distance of just 5 km from Bhimtal. The hill got its name from Hidimba, the wife of Bhima of the Mahabharata. If you’re looking for a physical challenge with spectacular views, this is a great choice. Don’t forget to fill up your appetite at a cafe in Bhimtal before starting the trek as the trail is full of monkeys making it almost impossible to sit and enjoy a snack. The trek leads to the Hidimba Temple and also to a wildlife sanctuary called Vankhandi Ashram, a habitat developed by Vankhnadi Maharaj, who is an environmentalist and a monk who lives there.


It’s always fun to go off the beaten path, but some things are a must when visiting a place. Mall Road is just that! At the epicenter of Nainital, the road runs parallel to the lake with many great places to eat, chill and shop. If you are planning to stay at the best holiday hotel in Bhimtal, The Royal Court Ananta Express, then visiting the Mall Road in Nainital is a very short drive away and is conveniently located just 2 km from the city.


This is probably one of the best scenic attractions in Bhimtal with a 40 feet high dam offering some mostly stunning views. Located on the banks of Bhimtal Lake, it has terraced flower gardens that add charm to the place. The gorge is decorated with beautiful wild flowers that attract a large number of tourists. While visiting the dam, you can also seek blessings at the Bhimeshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located next to the dam.

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Frankly speaking, Bhimtal city charms in its own unique way throughout the year and offers a different feel in different weather conditions. No matter when you decide to visit, to get the most out of the place, it is advisable to choose a top holiday hotel in Bhimtal for a comfortable stay. The main tourist season is from March to June as the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like kayaking, paragliding, trekking etc. and the mild conditions make it quite enjoyable. If you’re looking for a good adventure or a moment away from the extreme summer heat, these months are a great choice. Once July starts and till September, Bhimtal experiences heavy rainfall which leads to a drop in visitors. But the plus side of this time is the smaller crowds and the rains definitely make the hills lusher. If you’re someone who likes rainy weather with rolling clouds and lonely hikes, then this time of year has your name on it. Please note that from October to February the city tends to get colder and also snows in early January. For someone who likes to chill, we recommend visiting one of the Best Hotels in Bhimtal Uttarakhand for a cozy getaway that will rejuvenate and relax you from within. Royal Court Ananta Express offers a range of accommodation options from rooms to villas, all equipped with modern comfort and typical Ananta hospitality.

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