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5 reasons why you must visit Armenia 

Armenia is an old country in the Caucuses. You may have heard about its neighbors, as they have bigger territory and larger resources, now it’s the time to explore Armenia. Armenia is small but has a lot of things to offer. It’s like going to your grandparents’ house. It’s warm, and hospitable with tasty dishes. You can feel really relaxed in Armenia.

In big cities, you can pretend to be relaxed but actually, you can’t be relaxed somewhere where there are a million places to visit and many things to see. In small cities, you just go and see some sights and then you have fun wherever you want. As you don’t hurry anywhere.

You can go to small cafes and have your morning coffee while people are hurrying somewhere. Then you go to some museum and see the art and history of that country, then have lunch with one of your friends or family and talk about your experience, then again, some beautiful park and dinner in the beautiful city.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Armenia and also plenty of reasons to stay in Armenia. Here are some of the reasons that you should definitely visit Armenia.


You can visit the whole country and see the sights in just some days. Then, it’s a good idea to spend the rest of your holiday in Yerevan. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It is a really beautiful city in Caucuses. The city is old but it has all the beauty that you may find in European capitals.

Yerevan is warm, it has the best temperature. It is never too cold or too hot, though in recent years summers are really hot. It’s not a problem if you feel hot, you can go to Lake Sevan and have fun there. It is a 30-40 minutes ride from Yerevan.

Beautiful sights 

Armenia is really old, and if you are a history-lover, Armenia suggests the best and numerous unknown histories of its. Powerful and weak kings and queens, cheating, scandals, Great Armenia, wars with neighboring countries, etc. I’m sure you will like it a lot. If the country had the right budget, it could shoot the best historical films.

You can hire a guide and will know all about the history of the places where you visit. Or just take a history brochure and book and go ahead.

Armenian history has proof. A lot of churches and cross-stones prove the existence of Armenia in ancient times.

In Armenia these ancient churches are not just for praying, you can go there and have some rest in the church gardens. Maybe grab a coffee and a book to make it more comfortable. These churches are everywhere in the city, outside of the city, on the highest rocks, etc. You will find also graveyards under the church sometimes.

We don’t have a sea or ocean but we have a lake. A beautiful Lake Sevan. It is situated in the mountains, so there is really cool and fresh air. You never get too tired of the sun, also there is no humidity in the air. You can swim, eat tasty fish, then have a beautiful, romantic time with your partner, looking at the stars reflecting in Lake Sevan.

Tasty Cuisine 

Some people may think that Armenian cuisine is heavy, but actually, you can find not only heavy dishes with meat but also vegetarian and vegan dishes, that will be lighter than cotton.

Armenian dolma is the best thing. Meat with rice and spices and all of this in cabbage. It has the taste of heaven, you think you can have just one, but you end up eating 7-10 dolmas.

Then Armenian lavash. It’s like dietetic bread. It is really thin and soft. You can put cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes and eat. It is the thing that our ancestors had for a lunch snack.

The best lavash is the one that is right from the “tonir”. Tonir is the place where lavash is made. The process of baking lavash can be a whole ceremony itself. You have to take a look at it.


Armenian people are the most hospitable. When you go to an Armenian’s house, you better be hungry, as they are going to feed you, then make you an Armenian coffee with Armenian desserts. If they don’t have anything at home, they will go to the shop immediately and then come back with products to make you something to eat.

If you are in the street and you don’t know the way they will show you the way and if you don’t understand they will walk you wherever you want.

If you go to a restaurant or cafe with them, they will pay for you, they never like sharing the bill.


Armenia has the most interesting nature. It is really green with trees and woods. And also, there are valleys and places like deserts. Here you can find the places that are near to your heart. If you want to see some woods, stay in a small comfortable house near the woods and have a relaxed holiday you can do it in Dilijan. But if you want an extreme holiday, you can go parachuting, hiking, diving and so on.

No matter what you like you can find that kind of place in Armenia.

Our nature is great and you can bring your kids so they can breathe some fresh, clean air and eat fresh, eco fruits and vegetables.

If you already made up your mind, you can start looking for a ticket, then a house or hotel here, and also a car rental in Yerevan Armenia. It is very important to Yerevan car rental, as with cars it is easier to see the country. Also, our transportation is really cheap but it is hard to find a place to sit or stand on a bus. If you are already in Armenia, just google “cheap car rental in Yerevan”, or car hire in Yerevan and you can find millions of options.

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