5 Must-have Places to Put Your Video to Be a Star!

You know you need a video! But do you know where to place it so that it is seen by your target audience. It is not enough to put your videos on your website. Once produced, your videos need to be seen by as many people as possible. Here are some essential places to promote your video on your own platforms, we will see next week the platforms external to the production company near me.

On your YouTube channel

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. It is essential for videos. You will need to create your channel for your company, your foundation, or your association, if it is not already done. The benefits of having a YouTube channel are numerous. Each video must be filed and optimized in order to have a good SEO. For this, your title must be punchy and include the keywords of your target customers. You are also going to have a lot of very relevant statistics on the people who are going to view your video on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to allow users to comment on your video content. Thus, you will get feedback and you can improve your product or service. Don’t forget to add subtitles,

Your social networks: Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn

You want your video to be popular! It is imperative to spread it on your social networks. You must post your video with inspirational or descriptive text on Facebook. On LinkedIn, it’s best to have a very professional tone and share results or goals you want to achieve with this video. On Instagram, it’s the perfect place to share a photo of the shooting, of the members of the filming crew. It is always interesting to show behind the scenes.

Your internal screens and television

Feel free to share your corporate videos, or your customer testimonial on the video screens you have in your business. This could be the screen located in your cafeteria or lobby. Your employees or your visitors will always be happy to learn more about you, your actions, your successes.

Your Intranet

You also probably have an Intranet or a Newsletter for your employees in your company. The should be posted there, and you can also thank the team that contributed to the realization of the and share some statistics or results associated with this initiative. Also ask for feedback from your employees. Do they like the? Do they have a feeling of satisfaction in their employer? You can ask your employees to share your video on their own social networks.

Your Stands at fairs or your events

Another place to broadcast a video: in a kiosk when you present yourself in a trade show, at a fair or any other place where you present your company. The video will catch the interest of your audience. And, if you have numerous people at the similar time who desire to have knowledge about your product or your company. Individuals might wait for a few minutes seeing and understanding about you by watching the .

Last tip: don’t forget to have your video handy on iPhone – iPad or laptop. Your video created by one of the best video companies near me will serve as an excellent introduction during business development meetings.

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