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5 Instagram-Worthy Photo Booth Prop Ideas for Fun Wedding

Have a wedding coming up? Well then, this article is for you! For your wedding, don’t think twice to add a photo booth, as it is definitely going to double the fun and excitement. Plus, you’ll be capturing some memorable and thrilling pictures this way, that you will keep with yourself forever.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about 5 of the most Instagram-worthy photo booth prop ideas that you should definitely consider adding to your wedding photo booth.

Here they are:

Just Married props

What’s a wedding picture without any ‘Just Married’ photo booth prop?  You can make your wedding pictures fun, yet memorable. So be prepared to get printouts of some thrilling photo booth props for your wedding. Some fun photo booth props to consider include ‘Just Married’, ‘Mr. and Mrs.’, ‘Team Bride, Team Groom’, ‘Came For The Cake’, and so many more options you can go for.  These fun photo booth props will surely be the center of attention at your wedding (after the bride, of course!), and you will definitely see your guests going crazy over these props!

Virtual Instagram picture

Want to make your wedding pictures more instagrammable? Well then, why not use virtual Instagram props for your wedding photo booth? All you need to do is get an Instagram post cut out so that your guests can use them to get their pictures taken as Instagram posts! You shouldn’t forget about the details in this Instagram post – make sure to add your relevant hashtags under the post so that your pictures turn out more personalized and creative.

The Bride and Groom sunglasses

Want to have cool and funky pictures for your fun wedding? Well then, think no further and get hold of some Bride and Groom sunglasses. The best part about these funky glasses is that you can either print out cute props yourself or purchase them for cheap prices from a store. You can even get pairs of these funky glasses for the rest of the wedding crew, to have even better group photos!

Furniture wedding decor

Why not have some love-themed wedding furniture? Let go of the mundane furniture you see at every wedding and go for cool wedding decor that spells out ‘Love’ or anything wedding-themed. The furniture will not only be eye-catching for other guests at your wedding but will undoubtedly turn out great in pictures as well!

Floral backdrops

Flowers can make any event and pictures turn out heavenly. Plus, what’s a wedding without any flowers? This is the time to hit the floral market and get ready to have numerous flowers for your wedding. You can use flowers as backdrops for your wedding photo booth, to make each picture turn out more magical and beautiful. But, if you don’t want a full-on floral thing at your wedding, you can definitely go easy and just have strands of flowers hanging from the ceiling. No matter what style or decor you go for, flowers will never disappoint you. 

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