5 finest bundles of the Garena free fire

5 finest bundles of the Garena free fire:

Here we will discuss the 5 finest bundles of the Garena free fire, but first, let’s talk about free fire. Free Fire by Garena is a game everyone has heard of. Free FireFire is the most famous shooter game in the world. It competes directly against PUBG and Call of Duty. It has 1 billion plus downloads on Android and iOS and 100 million plus reviews. Its PC version is also available.

Best bundles for free FireFire:

Now let’s talk about the bundles of free FireFire. There is a fresh bundle in every new season of the game. A new rank season begins after 45 days of Free Fire, and the free fire season continues for 45 days. These bundles contain all-new outfits and emote for the game.

Now, what are the rarest and finest bundles?

These are the following:

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Bundle name

                                                  Launch Event name

1. Cobra Rage bundle

Diamond royal event

  1. Zombified Samurai Bundle

Zombie Samurai Event

  1. Arctic blue bundle

Diamond royal event

  1. Doctor Red bundle

Diamond royal event

  1. Mystic Evil bundle

Lucky Wheel Event

The details of the bundles are given below:

Cobra Rage bundle:

It is one of the most in-demand bundles among free-fire players. Cobra Rage consists of 4-in-1 bundles. Players can combine these four bundles to make their outfits. The appearance of the outfits is eye-catching.

The bundle has four colors.

  • The first color is the Red Cobra Rage bundle; this color is included when purchased.
  • Next is the Yellow Cobra Rage bundle; this color is opened to unlock gold rank.
  • Upon achieving platinum rank, the Blue Cobra Rage bundle is unlocked.
  • Finally, the color unlocked upon achieving diamond rank is the Purple Cobra Rage bundle.

The cobra head on the shoulder also makes its appearance unique. Currently, you cannot buy the bundle from the store. The players can only obtain it from the Cobra Ascension event.

Zombified Samurai bundle:

It’s one of the most unique and scary bundles on Free Fire. As a customized version of the Samurai bundle, the developers of Free Fire developed this bundle. The bundle includes the following:

  • Mask
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Shoes

The developers launched the bundle at the zombie samurai event. The players can obtain it by buying basic or premium packs, but not many players have this bundle in their inventory. Many famous gamers have this bundle due to its unique and rare appearance.

Arctic blue bundle:

It is said to be one of the most popular free-fire collections ever. This epic and fantastic costume is eye-catching and unique because of the blue flames that flow over it.

The developers launched this bundle during the free fire event known as Diamond Royal. The bundle is old, but due to its high demand, the developers relaunched it for players. But now there is no news that this bundle will appear again in the game.

Doctor Red bundle:

This bundle contains the following:

  • Doctor red top
  • Doctor red bottom
  • Doctor red head
  • Doctor’s red mask
  • Doctor’s red shoes

In November 2021, developers launched the bundle at the Diamond Royal event. Every free-fire player knows that whenever free FireFire launches the diamond royal event, it comes with new outfits, skins and many more in-game things. So this bundle was also one of its kind.

Mystic Evil bundle:

Developers released this bundle for the female character. During the Booyah Day event, the bundle was released. The event comes with two bundles.

  • Masked warlord bundle
  • Mystic evil bundle

The masked warlord bundle is for male players, and the Mystic Evil bundle is for female players. But the demand for the Mystic Evil bundle is greater than that for the Warlord bundle. This bundle was also available in the lucky discount bundle as a grand prize.

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Having a rare bundle in your inventory becomes the fashion among freefire players. But that’s not important.

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