5 Easy Ways To Impress New Customers

Impressing a new customer is a basic best practice for pretty much any business. The mission is two-fold: make sure they have a memorable experience and make sure the memory is a positive one. A positive and meaningful experience is the best way to encourage customers to come back and encourage others to do the same. That’s why it usually pays to find new ways to impress customers. Here are five easy ways to make a great impression on new customers.

Anticipate Needs

Anticipating needs isn’t necessarily a guessing game. Provide instructions in multiple languages if you have customers with different primary languages. Put up signs to show people key features or locations within the facility. You should also demonstrate that you understand what people are looking for when they visit your company. Employees should be ready to help customers at all times.

Educate Customers Without Patronizing

It’s easy to cross the line from education to condescension. You shouldn’t assume your customers know technical details about your products, but you don’t want to treat them like children either. Find a good balance in how you communicate with and treat your customers while they ask questions. It’s important that all employees are on the same page when it comes to customer interactions. Make sure to include something about this in your training packets for onboarding staff.

Spruce Your Staging

Several big pieces of the first impression happen before the customer even opens your front door. Something as simple as fresh parking lot paving, regular sweeping, or a new sign on the building can change the aesthetic. The feeling customers get as they go from their car to the building contributes to the beginnings of their feelings about your company.

Give a Sample

Everyone likes a sample or a gift. Giving out samples is easy if you sell ice cream, but it’s not that simple for most businesses. The best way to give samples depends on your products or services. Contractors and service providers often give estimates without charging along with some basic information and advice. Car salesmen let prospective buyers take vehicles for a test drive. There are ways to provide free samples without it costing a pretty penny.

Be an Authority

Developing an authority image is particularly important for companies trying to generate a stronger presence. Turning your company into a provider and portal for reliable service, objective information can make you seem more trustworthy to customers. It gives your business a chance to show its understanding and mastery of the industry. Always make sure you have your head in the game and stay up to date with information in your business field. Attend conferences, watch trainings online, and earn certificates. Your knowledge will make you stand out and can increase business credibility.

It’s hard to make everyone happy, but it’s easy to at least make a good impression on most of them. Companies that take the time to consider and address this issue can find plenty of effective, exciting, and creative ways to keep customers engaged.

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