5 Challenges Of A Marina Construction Project

In tourism, having a unique and fresh project idea is always exciting. Planning for a project that you believe people would like is always motivating. Undoubtedly, marina builder companies feel this way every time they start a new project. 

Marina builder companies specialise in floating constructions. They design and construct floating pontoons, harbours, boardwalks, and more. Many marina constructions exist around us, – yet we don’t realise and appreciate them often. 

Every construction plan has its own set of challenges. Marina constructions are no exception when it comes to that. The nature of their niche makes it even harder to execute their plans seamlessly. When you design and construct on water, you need to comply with every regulation. 

On top of that, safety and sustainability should be present in every marina project. Knowing their challenges is helpful for us to understand how critical marina constructions are. In this article, let’s discuss five challenges of a marina construction project. 

1. Marina projects should not miss out on any critical detail.

The backbone of any project is its plan. Your project’s engineers and workers will be using your plan to build the marina project. Missing a critical detail could cause project delays — and starting a marina project from scratch can be tedious. 

Endless research awaits authors before they can integrate a detail into their plan. After researching, they have to verify the feasibility of their data. On top of that, they also have to study the specifications of every utility that they’ll be including. 

Once they finalise the plan, it’s time for them to pitch it to their shareholders. However, that does not end there. The shareholders will then evaluate, study, and suggest improvements. The authors will then have to revise their plan from the start. 

In most cases, marina construction planning takes years to finish. They do countless revisions, detailing, and testing to ensure its safety. 

2. The construction timeline is dependent on weather and water conditions. 

Every construction project is dependent on weather conditions. Marina projects’ dependency on water conditions makes them more challenging. If you are working on a boat jetty construction in the sea, expect that your project won’t be able to finish within your desired timeline. Water tides and forecasts will tell you whether or not you can get something done for the day. 

Thankfully, marina builder companies that construct their pontoons and jetties off-site exist. However, this condition will depend on your marina plan. If a floating pontoon project is simple, marina builders can construct it off-site. 

On the other hand, there could be phases when the weather could affect a permanent floating construction project. You might think, “isn’t it common to have construction delays?” The answer is — yes. However, these delays could also cost you thousands of dollars, too. Why? Because you’ll have to pay the professionals who’ll be working with you on the project. 

3. A marina project’s facilities and systems need to undergo testing and approval. 

Finishing a marina construction is a great relief. Finally, after years of planning, delays, and construction, your plan is now right before your eyes. But, it does not end there. Your facilities and systems need to undergo testing and approval, too.

Even though your project seems to be seamless and ready for operation, experts still need to evaluate it. If they suggest that your system needs to improve, it would be best to do so. Remember, you can’t blame their rating on your marina builder. Unless they did not follow your plan, you can’t blame them. 

Also, isn’t it nice to hear suggestions from experts? From their perspective, you get to see your plan better. It’s better to see the areas that you need to work on instead of seeing them after you finalise everything. 

Remember, complying with testing suggestions should be your priority. After all, it will benefit your business in the long run.

4. Your project must adhere to environmental impact assessments.

A marina project’s environmental impact is a critical factor for its development. Your project’s main attraction is the water. You are responsible for the environmental impacts it would bring. And so, your project should have systems and processes that would keep the water pristine.

One of the critical factors in environmental impact is your waste disposal process. Since your project is afloat 100% of the time, your project’s sewage and disposal pathways are critical. You should also be mindful of chemicals that could cause leaks in the water. 

Practising proper waste disposal is one of the things that you can do once your operation starts. It is equally crucial that your marina construction design adheres to regulations that benefit the environment. 

5. Marina construction can cause problems to the water and ecosystem at some point in time.

Last but not least, your marina construction can cause problems whether you like it or not. Regardless of how sustainable your project is, disadvantages are bound to happen. From ecosystem disruption to possible erosion, these unwanted scenarios are possible. 

However, the chances of this occurring in a well-designed project are low. Often, poor marina designs experience erosion due to waves entering their basins. As a result, it alters their craft’s water circulation. 

Still, erosion can occur to any marina construction project in the long run. The only way to prevent this from happening is by working with professionals. It’s better to work with a marina builder with a record of expertise in their field. That way, you can ensure that your project can prosper and stay afloat for a long time. 

Challenges will help you build a well-crafted marina project. 

These five points I shared are just some of the many that marina builders experience. In real life, these challenges are harder to go through. Many regulations await marina projects for revisions and improvements. 

But, these challenges will undoubtedly help you build a well-crafted marina project. You’ll surely be able to execute a marina plan that won’t have to go through worst-case scenarios. With these challenges, your marina construction project gets to prosper for a long time. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Walcon Marine Australia; a veteran in designing, manufacturing, supplying & installing quality floating marina systems for commercial and residential applications representing the Asia Pacific region.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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