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5+ best Live chat software features you don’t know

We will talk about the most trending live chat software today: Twilio SMS. The reason to choose and insist others to purchase product is all excellent functionalities for your organization. First off, learn what it is:


Introducing SuiteCRM Twilio chat app

A product is for businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver personalized SMS directly from CRM software. Through the chat box, you can deliver SMS in a single click. SMS is always the greatest option of all time to communicate with customers for business handling. So, this plugin lets you share delightful experiences through a chat box.

The reason why to use this latest online chat application are:

  • Help you to connect with multiple customers at once.
  • Brilliant product for sharing SMS templates with customers.
  • Make use of Emojis while doing a conversation.


Best example to understand the product’s importance

Your live chat software is perfect for one-by-one conversations with customers. After all, it is giving you a great experience. But do you choose other channels such as email to share any template with them?

Few of your existing customers purchase some new products from your organization and now it’s time to share Welcome templates with them. Can’t you share pre-built templates directly from the chat box?

If the chat application you are operating has not this feature then join with Twilio SMS Addon. In the chat box below, there is an option called “Click to choose template”. It enables businesses to share it directly from here. No need to switch to different channels for this task.

Pre-built template sharing from this product is best as you get replies in real time. Best of all, the templates can be personalized with variable fields.


Start real-time conversion with various customers

The product is not just for handling single customers at once. Perhaps you have several brain-engaging tasks to do. Better would be connecting with a bunch of customers at the same time.

It saves productivity and completes your communication task faster. The extension will always open a separate window for every customer for conversation handling. A user is allowed to start the conversation from List view, Detail view, and from Subpanel.


What if you get a message from a new person?

You will not miss any message even if you get a message from a new recipient.

The product will create records directly in the module you choose. You can also add a name and that new recipient will be added with that name you added.

The plugin will always share a notification when someone messages you even if you are not logged in to your CRM software. By clicking on that notification it will take you to the place where you can see all missed SMS of customers.

The addon will adjust the time zone based on user location. Another great feature!


SMS activity report on your desired email address

Suppose your marketing team had a conversation with a hundred plus recipients. As a manager, it is imperative for you to track all their SMS activity. So, the best live chat software for this operation is SuiteCRM Twilio SMS.

The product shares details on your email address such as the number of sent/received SMS, missed SMS, list of replied SMS, and much more. Track all this to know how the team of marketing is communicating with your valuable customers.


Opt-out functionality to Stop the conversation

You are relentlessly receiving SMS from someone who is not sending relevant service. You can stop the conversation and that business will never message you again. An extension like this is providing an Opt-out feature.

By writing STOP, it will never send you any message from that company. Even if that company tries to send, SMS will not deliver. The status would fail. It’s better to use this feature if you daily get online SMS from someone who is selling something that is of no use to you.



I am Aashna Khanna, Marketing Specialist at OutRight Store, a marketplace for CRM tools. We build SuiteCRM and SugarCRM plugins that can be the perfect ones for your project. You will get a 3-Day Risk-Free trial, free installation and configuration, and lifetime support. We have plugins for email and SMS automation, integration with other business applications, and everything in between.

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