4 Popular Brands on TikTok for Marketers

4 Popular Brands on TikTok for Marketers

2022 was an absolute blast of a year. It’s probably possible to say that everyone is closing the goals and KPIs of 2022. I’ll be doing it within the next week—what better time to begin sketching out your marketing plan for the year ahead. Note: buy Instagram story views uk

You’re likely reading this article as you’re looking to incorporate TikTok, an integral part of the social media component of your plan. Perhaps you’re looking to gain some inspiration to continue your TikTok campaign, as it has evolved into an unstoppable source of video tutorials as well as product reviews and any other marketing videos you can come up with.

Whatever led you to this page, I’m confident you’ll discover these companies on TikTok worthy of following and inspiring. So let’s begin to get this TikTok celebration going.

1. Companies on TikTok that can make you laugh Duolingo

“Duolingo utilizes their TikTok account to market their tool in a unique manner. They’ve got a consistent image of their brand that appears on their TikTok account. It’s the Owl. The owl is the same as their logo. It has been named ‘Duo, ‘ making it an instant TikTok popular.

Their favorite video campaign on Duolingo’s account is one they posted just two days ago. The campaign has already accumulated 18.2M users on TikTok! I’m sure there are lots more views while you’re reading this. One reason I think it’s so well-known is the recent rise in the popularity of Taylor Swift as she released her new album Red.

This song has been being trending on TikTok. Most companies have joined this trend and have incorporated the theme for their TikToks, and Duolingo did the song flawlessly. It is clear that they are ahead of trends and, more importantly, connect with their users.

There’s a lot to learn from Duolingo, one of the top companies on TikTok. First, let’s look at their primary goal of using TikTok. It’s not to encourage users to sign-up and utilize the application. Instead, Duolingo is currently on TikTok to demonstrate how authentic and current they are. TikTok offers what many social media applications can’t, providing inspirational, relatable, and humorous content.

The primary audience for TikTok is Gen Z. straightforwardly selling a product is not a good idea for the users. Instead, Gen Z prefers entertaining, humorous, and creative content and will spark conversations among friends. This is what makes people purchase your product or service.”
Millie Henderson, Marketing Jr. @ Surge Marketing Solutions

2. Washington newspaper or get one of the coolest newspapers on TikTok

One of the news-oriented brands presented on TikTok, Washington Post, has distinct ways of giving and interpreting their publishing information. Consider the following TikTok regarding the possibility of being “immunized,” for example:

It also can display 3.2M views. Simple, fast, engaging, fun, and memorable. It’s an excellent example of creating content.

One of the brands that stand out to me would be the Washington Post which consistently publishes extremely engaging and well-thought-through content. TikTok is awash with material; therefore, if you’re thinking about using it as part of your marketing strategy, be sure that your content is entertaining and memorable.
Marcin Stryjecki, SEO Project Manager @ Booksy

One method of maintaining your knowledge when creating content for TikTok is to arrange. Every. Piece. Of. Content. You can use the content calendar to plan out your content for TikTok. However, before you look for templates for content calendars, Here’s how you can check out Planable:
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3. Tech companies that are thriving on TikTok — Vivo

If you’ve ever wondered how to utilize TikTok to boost business operations and increase your profits check out Vivo. Vivo is a technology company that has recently joined TikTok and has been the king of the platform since.
Its ultra-niched marketing campaign targeting the massive users TikTok offers as the main central point for its campaign to promote its brand on social media.

If you want to know why Vivo is one of the many brands that marketers should follow on TikTok, I’d say Vivo has created a social phenomenon that has created a whole fan base with their services.

Their efficient marketing team has embraced the “TikTok challenge” concept to let people know about their products and participate in the ever-growing trend and, in the meantime, have the chance to win their products. As a result, it is a well-known brand across some world regions.

Use their campaign #vivoY51 TikTok contest as an illustration. It was a huge success in Pakistan, a country where the smartphone market is an expanding market. (socialfollowerspro)The campaign received a staggering 2.5 billion impressions from TikTok customers in Pakistan breaking a global record.

Today, other businesses that aren’t tech-oriented can take much from this campaign. They can also learn how Vivo utilized TikTok as a potent device to launch their brand to the top of the heap.
We live in an age of trends. Even though these are very short-lived, the reach and visibility they provide in a short period are enormous. So it’s unwise not to use TikTok to kick-start an advertising campaign?”

Check out this excellent tech brand on TikTok, which dominates Pakistan’s social media. I hope it can inspire you. It could be a perfect way to spice up your marketing campaign. Your clients will be delighted to see a professional keeping up with the latest social media trends and adapting in line with the latest trends.
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4. Make sure you’re doing your best to TikTok using Pepsi, the brand that is leading the brands that are on TikTok

“For me, a compelling brand that I have seen on TikTok is Pepsi. The brand’s Pepsi Challenge has received an astounding amount of likes, views, and responses. The campaign effectively communicates the brand’s message to the people it is targeting. My analysis is based on the principles of marketing instead of aesthetics.

All the content on TikTok is simple to follow and is very entertaining. The videos aren’t too long, nor too short. Users don’t have to read the content and unwind while scrolling through TikTok content.
Each set is created to meet the demands of the customer and requirements. It will make you want to see every new video simultaneously. Exciting, thrilling, and humorous TikTok videos are precisely what viewers on TikTok seek out.

Each video in the set is created by fans and brand ambassador* Lionel Messi. So it’s a good thing that the sets contain plenty of new content, meaning that every visitor will be enticed by the video they are swiping to.
All of this is enough to convey the brand’s message clearly but not to overdo the message. It is easy for the characters to identify to, unlike other brands in their field, which are more complicated to connect with initially.”

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