3 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter in Ecommerce

Why do online reviews matter? Positive reviews help your company improve its credibility, and negative reviews drive potential customers away. Positive reviews help you build trust and a good reputation with your customers. They also help you increase your conversion rates, even if the positive reviews come from unbiased review websites like

Here are three reasons why online reviews matter in eCommerce:


1. Product reviews enable people to gain insight into a product.

Reviewing a product is a powerful marketing strategy. The best marketers take feedback seriously and pass it to their internal teams. Responding to customer reviews shows that a brand cares about its customers. While some brands may ignore negative reviews, others use them to improve their products. 93% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Here are a few tips to improve your reviews.

Reviewers are actively researching the products they buy. Many consumers read product reviews to uncover issues or red flags. The reviews can also shed light on new use cases and inform the next generation of innovations. Most importantly, shoppers want businesses to use product reviews to improve their products. They will spend more money with your company if you consider their feedback. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

Besides reading reviews, users can also repost them on social media. Retweeting positive reviews shows users that the company values them and appreciates their valuable input. In addition, it creates transparency, which will lead to more reviews from others. An excellent example is Casper, which shares customer reviews on Twitter. Moreover, many users want to know that a famous mattress company is always willing to retweet good reviews.


2. Increasing review volume leads to higher conversion rates.

Increasing review volume can increase the chance of converting visitors into customers. Studies show that consumers read up to 10 reviews before buying a product. Six out of ten consumers won’t buy a product if it doesn’t have any reviews, and good reviews help to establish trust in a brand. And a new study has shown that higher review volumes are linked to higher conversion rates.

According to a recent study, the average eCommerce site’s conversion rate is 2.5%. By promoting product reviews, businesses can drastically increase their conversion rates. On average, high-priced products need at least five reviews. On the other hand, low-priced products need between two and four. In addition, consumers who view a product page without any reviews are only three percent more likely to purchase. Hence, more reviews = higher conversion rates.

In addition, customer reviews are becoming increasingly authoritative. Research has shown that 97% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing. As a result, reviews are an effective marketing strategy. Furthermore, 95% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase. In addition to online reviews, consumers trust a business based on these reviews. Moreover, a consumer may trust a brand more if it has more reviews than if they have heard about it from a friend. This is true whether you are teaching customers to disinfect the house from viruses or how to make the perfect passion fruit smoothie.


3. Incentivize customers to leave a review

There are many benefits of encouraging customers to leave reviews. One of them is a boost in brand awareness. In addition, it’s estimated that 1 in 5 customers read reviews online when making a purchase, but only 81% write them. Creating a balance between these two needs is vital for successful eCommerce marketing. Regardless of the review type, offering a small incentive for customer reviews is still beneficial.

You may offer various rewards to encourage customers to leave reviews. The popular tips are product discounts, monthly prize drawing entry, or cold hard cash. Almost every business owner has felt the burn of a bad online review, and a majority know how beneficial it is for SEO. Since local SEO relies heavily on online reviews, businesses must encourage positive reviews as often as possible.

Incentives for writing reviews can be as simple as a coupon or as elaborate as a trip to an exotic location. For example, a major brand like Nordstrom may offer a $1,000 shopping spree or an all-expense-paid vacation to a foreign destination. While smaller companies may be more modest, they could provide a free item or a gift card.

Rewards for writing reviews can be in the form of coupons, discount codes, or even tip points. You can implement this kind of incentive by implementing a promotion tool. A reward can be given as a surprise or after completing the review. There’s no reason to pay bribes, but offering rewards for good reviews can increase sales. These rewards can also be a way to attract new customers.


Sending emails to ask for online reviews is okay

Send emails asking for feedback after purchase to improve your review collection efforts. Make sure to advertise your incentive prominently in the email after the purchase. Some companies, like Derma E, have even offered sweepstakes or a packaging insert for customers to leave reviews. Consumers value reviews from fellow shoppers. In addition, transparency is essential when it comes to building trust.

For example, if a product has many positive reviews, an incentive program for customers to leave a review could increase sales. A retailer can build a loyal following of repeat customers by giving rewards and discounts for positive reviews. And if the company offers a bonus, you can assure customers that they’ll have their favorite product soon.

Another great way to encourage your customers to write reviews is through in-store kiosks. Customers can write a review about a product they bought through your website. An inspection can help other people find your business and give feedback about their experience. Incentives will also help you get more reviews on Google. You may consider offering incentives to encourage reviews on your website or app. However, remember that giving customers incentives is not bribery and will not guarantee a positive review.

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