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10 Strategies to Improve Body Image and Love Yourself More

Do you ever notice how, when it comes to body image and self-esteem in particular there seems be this perverse notion that poor body image is an indication of modesty? It’s not true! And people who accept their own looks can get labeled narcissistic. They aren’t at all.

What kind of feel do you get when you look into the mirror? Recognition? Embraced? Peace? Or shamed and depressed?

The journey to a better body image starts with one step. Stand in front of the mirror and take it. No matter how hard or low your confidence may be at that moment – you’re worth more than this!

Body image is something that envelops us, claiming who we should be and how people see our appearance.

The way we look is crucial in the first assessment of people. Advertising preys on self-doubt, encouraging us to perceive a problem (our body size/tone or dress sense) and then gratifyingly provides solutions (weight loss programs & muscle toning equipment or track your mental health in emr systems used by psychiatrists).

The way we treat our bodies is shameful. Whether you’re fat, skinny or muscly, soft and hairy – there’s a brand of body shaming for everyone.

That’s the thing which irritates me.

How Poor Body Image Ruins Your Mental Health

The message that poor body image is a sign of modesty has been passed down through generations and it’s not true. People who accept the way they look can be seen as narcissistic. But this isn’t always how you perceive your self-image.

When we feel badly about the way our body looks, it can be a devastating blow to our overall self-confidence. This affects multiple aspects of life and makes us think differently than if you had an appreciation for what your own beauty entails. Which is why rethinking these thoughts could help!

10 tips for getting over your body shame and starting to appreciate the life vessel are listed below. No mirror selfies in bikinis required.

1.      Refrain Yourself from Distress Media

Because of the huge impact that media has on our feelings about ourselves, I am very particular in choosing what magazines and websites to read. Fashion and gossip-oriented content is out. I try to avoid watching TV programs that are blindly focused on image. I have installed an ad-blocker so ads don’t get in my way. Even then it’s difficult sometimes because some shows require subscriptions which can cost money!

2.      Look Out for Media Sources That Supports Positive Self Image

Try to have hobbies include traveling, wellness and entrepreneurial media. Such as, I love reading about the interesting things that people do in their everyday lives to make it better for themselves or others!

3.      Avoid Shopping Mall and Large Departmental Stores

The high-end clothing stores are places that you shouldn’t be. The lighting is too dark, the music creates an insecurity in your stomach and makes it hard to focus on anything else. Besides how insignificant all of life’s problems seem when compared with what these people have achieved.

The marketing world is a tricky place, with display windows that Whisper manipulations your insecurities. It makes you spend more money than necessary. Shopping centers are not only absorbing our resources but also taking away any self-confidence we may have had left.

4.      Don’t Just Talk About Appearances

When someone starts talking about the way they look in a disparaging way, I deflect. It’s much better for us to focus on how that person feels. What their energy levels are like instead of getting caught up with conversations. Where people compare one another or talk negatively towards others because everyone has flaws but our goal should always be self-love!

5.      Care for Your Body Gently

When we touch our bodies, it feels good. That’s why you should be giving yourself gentle loving care! Think about the last time someone touched your hair or shoulders with love in their eyes. Did something happen after they gave these gestures? Of course – because most people are not interested only what happens on top of being touched. But also, how one can take better care themselves when needed most by themselves.

6.      Practice Meditation

Meditate for 10 minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute. It’s all about the time you spend in your own head! Sit down with eyes closed and breathe deeply while repeating a phrase such as “I love my body” over again until it becomes true inside of yourself.

7.      Eat Respectfully

When you eat respectfully, it’s important to be mindful of the nutrients your body needs. It means eating plenty good food and ditching sugar-filled or pretend items that compromise our digestive health as well as hormonal balance; moods & energy levels!

8.      Not Impulsively

Healthy eating is not about food deprivation, it’s more of a celebration. If you eat something unhealthy don’t punish yourself or try to restrict calories- just learn from your mistake and move forward.

9.      Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

What you think about yourself speaks louder than any words that may be coming out of your mouth. If there are negative thoughts pushing their way through. Try replacing them with affirming ones to make sure they don’t overpower the positive message being sent!

10.  Set Your Goals

The best way to be yourself is by being creative and passionate about what you do. People with purpose don’t worry so much on how they look. They’re too busy getting their stuff done that it doesn’t matter if someone sees them in an outfit or not.

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