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10 Good Reasons to Visit Shenzhen, China

10 Good Reasons to Visit Shenzhen, China

It is located on the northern border of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is the largest city in China with a population of more than 10 million. Even though the sprawling city is just a little over thirty years old, the city is growing at a rapid pace. This is why it has a tendency to get an unpopular reputation for being a modern city with no cultural depth. But, Shenzhen is not merely an area for shopping. With its array of art and museums, its burgeoning arts district as well as a large diversity of entrepreneurs and innovators The city has plenty to display. Here are ten reasons to give this Chinese city an excursion. Generating Chinese names can be done using a Chinese name generator.

Why Visit Shenzhen in China?


  • Modern architecture in its most bold form.

China’s decision to transform what was once a town of 300,000 people into a distinct economic zone led to a boom that led to advanced urban planning as well as the construction of spectacular architectural marvels. With sleek, modern buildings that stretch to the ceiling, bold museums, and a huge exhibition and library The city have become an ideal place for designers to play with ideas. It’s not a surprise that Shenzhen was awarded the title of a UNESCO City of Design.

  • Rapidly becoming an important art destination.

More than just a shopping and electronics spot, Shenzhen is fast becoming China’s leading creative city. The youthful age of its residents and a general “anything goes” attitude, that it a great location to create and experience art. If it’s the galleries and studios in the city’s cultural heart, the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal or a visit to the unique Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen’s artistic offerings will not let you down.

  • A place where colliding worlds meet.

The city’s relative newness as well as its status as a city that offers a lot of opportunities have been an attraction for Chinese from all over the nation. There’s an astonishing range of food and culture and, while the primary Chinese language is Mandarin, however, you’re equally likely to encounter Cantonese or dialects that hail from farther North. A visit to the Dongmen the street market for food will show the variety of China’s capital city.

  • China’s most brilliant and most successful.

Shenzhen has been praised as a city that has amazing things. Much like Dick Whittington’s London which is covered in gold, here is a chance for the hardworking and driven. There are more people with a Ph.D. in Shenzhen than in any other city in China. There are many success stories, such as those by Frank Wang at leading drone manufacturer DJI which are a reflection of the unstoppable and frantic energy that the city harnesses.

  • Inspiring “maker” culture.

In the wake of its reputation as the world’s workshops,’ Shenzhen is now a prominent figure in the current “maker” movement. Residents have gained a lot of electronic and manufacturing expertise and have cultivated a DIY-oriented mindset which has led to progress and attracted the attention of all over the world.

  • Amazing urban villages and complex cities.

The tale of Shenzhen could not be complete without the millions of people who have poured into the city across the economic and social tiers. While the wealthiest dwell in gated communities or sprawling urban areas, wedged between them are vast stretches of low-rent stores and houses. The Shenzhen urban villages are a result of villages that were in existence prior to the city’s growth and provide an intriguing glimpse into how the spaces grow organically depending on the current requirements of their inhabitants.

  • The amazing alternative music scene.

Rapidly surpassing its neighbor Hong Kong as the destination for international artists looking to make it in China, Shenzhen boasts a live concert scene. The demand for alternative music – whether it’s the quirky folk artists from Serbia or the minimal techno DJs hailing from Berlin is growing in wealthy and fashionable Shenzhen. In turn, The local scene for music is becoming more prominent.

  • Easy to reach other locations.

Shenzhen is one of the cities that are located in the Pearl River Delta. Tourists visiting this vibrant city can also take excursions towards Hong Kong, Macao, and Guangzhou which are just two hours away, and other cities within Guangdong in the region and further. A cheap 7-hour bus trip will take you to the north to see the stunning mountains of the karst of Yangshuo.

  • Incredible speed.

The story of Shenzhen’s rapid growth is truly unique. Over the last 30 years, the urban GDP grew by an astounding 27 percent per year, drastically raising living standards for the entire population. With the construction of skyscrapers occurring at a rapid rate, The speed of urbanization and industrialization is an indication of the spirited attitudes of the people who live there.

  • Great for spas.

The excitement and ambition could be a bit overwhelming for visitors and newcomers alike. bit awry. There are a few day spas that are inexpensive and are popping up all over the city. With a good reputation for high-end spa treatments, Hongkongers are known to go to the spa to get massages. A visit to a spa in Shenzhen will be rejuvenating and ready for your next adventure in bustling South China.


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