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10 Easy Ways to Hang Tapestry on Wall


                        In English, the word tapestry has two senses, both of which apply to most of the works discussed here. Firstly, it means work using the Weed Tapestry  weaving technique described above and below and the second meaning is a rather large textile wall hanging with a figurative and beautiful design.

 Wall tapestries are woven wall hanging that depicts a scene or famous paintings. Medieval and Renaissance tapestries were initially developed in Europe to decorate castles and large churches. Initially, they were primarily of religious scenes and later to depict historical events.

 Most of the designs completely cover the canvas and can be worked in a variety of stitches and patterns.

The cloth of St. Gereon is considered as the oldest or second oldest known as European Weed Tapestry  still existing, in the early 11th century, compared to overhodgal tapestries, which in 2005 were related to the same period or little later.

There are various methods by which you can hang tapestries to the wall:


                                                  This is the easiest way to hang tapestries on the wall. However, this is only possible and applicable for large tapestries as it will cause holes in the wall and as well as into the smaller ones. One can either hang it in taut style by hanging the Weed Tapestry  by corners which will give you the casual drape. And for the straighter look, you can attach it with a row of nails on the piece.


                                            Adhesive hooks are a win-win situation as they can not only be taken out without leaving a hole in the wall but will also cause no damage to the Weed Tapestry . if one lives in a rental place you might be frequently shifting your place this will become an ideal way to hang it. Hooks are easy to mount as well and can take down whatever the need arises. When using adhesive hooks as one of the hanging ideas, you can use curtain rings as well for a bit of drape and a chic look.


                                             If one is living in a rental and is trying to avoid the holes in the walls this is the best way to hang the Weed Tapestry  and will still get your deposit back. You can use self-adhesive Velcro tape to attach the Weed Tapestry  to the wall. It is also a great method if you have a curved wall and you don’t want to put a hole in the fabric.


                                             Heavy textiles and tapestries need more support and a baseboard will help it to secure the piece to the wall firmly. The board can be fit into the rod pocket of the Weed Tapestry  which is on the back, and if your Weed Tapestry  does not have a back pocket you can sew one. Now you can cut the board in it is smaller than the width of the Weed Tapestry . mark where you want to out the screws and then drill the holes. Slide the board into the pocket you can fold the sides of the Weed Tapestry  back and then screw the board into the wall.


                                        The majority of the wall tapestries are delicate so we just have to select a perfect rod for the Weed Tapestry  and just hang it on the rod holders in our home. But what if the rod holder is not in Weed Tapestry  then you can sew one on the back with the help of the heavy cloth which means a good cloth will hang your tapestry correctly to the wall. It is also one of the easiest ways to hang your tapestry as we don’t have to do anything we just have to hang the tapestry in the hook which we already have in-home.


                                               Making a canopy out of the tapestries is a different but very beautiful approach for bedroom décor. Hanging them right above the bed could create a dreamy vibe, especially with boho patterns. Hang your materials from the ceiling or curtain from the cap to the wall to make the luxurious bed or drop-dead a beautiful sitting area.


                                         Who said one cannot turn tapestries into an art piece. You just simply need to stretch out a wooden frame or plywood board using a glue gun. The tapestries are thin though you need to stretch and staple them to a frame so it does not become visible through the fabric which will be translucent. So thinking about how to tapestries in a way that will double a piece of art is the right way to do it.


                                             If one is really crafty and you want to spend time with your crafts, DIYs, this is one the easiest tapestry hanging ideas. We have two options string a rope through the top of the tapestry which has a small pocket for a rope to pass using a needle and thread and hang it from nails or hooks. Otherwise use a cable rope system if you want to just clip, hang it. This is a great idea to spend your time.


                                                     It is a very popular approach to hang a tapestry using clips. Any carpet or a rug gallery uses rug hanging clips at the walls. You should select a good location to hang your tapestry, drill a piece of plywood to the wall which should be bigger than the tapestry. drill another piece of plywood prefer a thick one to the one prior piece. The second piece should be at least an inch higher in height from the previous height of the second piece mainly depending on the length. Later hang the tapestry of choice with help depending on the weight of the tapestry once the clips are in place. This helps the tapestry from ripping.


                                                  If someone wants to save a bit of cash by avoiding the more expensive, traditional headboards. This will definitely inspire you to experiment with hanging tapestries and rugs as bedroom décor.

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