06 best online games about pirates

Despite the attractiveness and romanticization of the setting, online games about pirates are not as popular as, say, fantasy or science fiction projects. Nevertheless, there are a number of games whose servers are always full of users, like the holds of pirate ships with kegs of rum. They will be discussed in our collection.


An online pirate game originally from China, offering users several types of activities that are standard for the setting – from sea battles to exploring the menu of coastal taverns. At the same time, the project is able to captivate for a long time: the battles here attract with their simplicity and scale, and the choice of professions allows you to change the corsair’s camisole for a farmer’s jacket. Alas, it is no longer possible to download the Russian version of Voyage Century (Pirates Online), but the English version of the game is alive and well, happily accepting new adventurers.

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Browser strategy , which makes it possible to act in an alternative role of a pirate – namely, a manager who has acquired his own island and now wants to bring him to a leadership position among competitors. Which, as you know, is not far from historical justice: many famous pirates, having experienced many adventures, settled on the shore, acquired real estate and did business without risking going to feed the sharks . Here you can’t sail the seas and rob ships, but you can extract resources, establish trade and form a powerful fleet that can protect its territory and squeeze some wealth from its neighbors.


Arcade MMO action with pirates, sailing ships and guild wars. World of Sea Battle boasts an impressive selection of sailboats, detailed options for customizing and upgrading them, as well as a rich combat system , and in addition, the opportunity to participate in large-scale battles, as a result of which certain factions occupy new territories.


Another team action game dedicated to the dynamic battles of sailboats. Here, each person on the ship is not just a passenger, but an integral combat unit that performs a certain role: someone takes the helm, someone sets fire to the fuses of the cannons, and someone is already preparing to board an enemy ship. In general, almost Sea of ??Thieves, only the graphics are worse. A bonus is the character customization system and a very convincing combat. In addition, this is almost the only game where you can enjoy a cup of tea while cannonballs are flying around.


Action MMORPG in which you can create your own faction, explore the vast world and fight the pirates inhabiting it. The list of activities available to players is extensive: the crazygames online offers to complete a variety of quests, explore interesting locations, look for cleverly hidden secrets, and upgrade your ship in order to be able to withstand all the threats encountered. In addition, Windward occupies some two hundred megabytes of hard disk space and at the same time pleases with a rather pleasant picture.

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A best crazygames that combines multiplayer RPG and economic strategy : gamers have to put together their fleet and go to conquer the sea. There is enough employment here: in addition to personal participation in boarding and sieges of fortresses , players are waiting for the painstaking management of the fleet and the management of personal property.

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